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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend update...

Good Morning Friends,

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was great weather over here and today it should be around 72 I think.

Breakfast Saturday was one of my 3 flour muffins, some turkey bacon and berries
 Lunch I made a cauliflower crust pizza and ate half. OOPS I just realized the other half is in the fridge and better eat it today.
 Dinner Hubby and I were out running around and I said lets go to Red Lobster. I keep seeing these awesome commercials on TV. For those of you that kind of know me - can you believe that I actually ate 1/2 of one of those cheese biscuits?? Gave the other half to hubby. It might be the best biscuit I have eaten in over 3 years. LOL
 I ate a cesar salad but not the croutons  Just water - no drinks. This one was Hubby's. He was starving. He had pasta in the middle of those tails.
 I had lobster and 2 kinds of shrimps and broccoli and asparagus. I only ate like 1/3 and took the rest home  - but it was very good.
 It was nice to go out for a change, but expensive.

Our breakfast Sunday morning was Chorizzo and eggs with a bit of cheese and homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside.
 Hubby sold his car so we can get rid of a car payment to make it easier to get the loan for the house - if we ever get the house that is. Mine is a lease so we are stuck with it for a while. So we went and looked at a few older used cars to buy for cash. NOPE!! Why-of WHY do people lie on their ads?? Oh well.

We went to the movies and saw Dead man down - I ate popcorn for my lunch and 2 squares of 86% chocolate from my purse. Even though I always skip lunch so I can eat popcorn - I am always up a lb the next day when I eat popcorn. BTW.

We got home around 6:30 and I took the girls for a quick walk, then I ate a spinach salad with goat cheese and 1/2 avocado on top. I was still hungry so I ate 2 thin-mints from the freezer. I am seriously running low on sweet treats. Got to do something about that today or tomorrow.

My breakfast this morning was eggs with baby spinach, sausage crumbles and cheese, berries and homemade corn tortillas with chia seeds inside.
Hubby is off today so I don't know what the day will hold. I hope you all have a great one.

Oh - out of the blue on Saturday morning after 2 1/2 months of no monthly, it started - Geeze!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. In the TMI category, I have been going about 58 days between and then just got one 23 days later. WHAT??? I want this to end. I always like hearing about your meals. It keeps me in the mindset and while mine aren't always as interesting as yours, I at least have some new ideas. XO!!

  2. That is too ironic... Saturday morning my husband made chorizo and eggs with potatoes and cheese. I grew up in Southern California and my boyfriend of 5 years was Mexican and his mom could make the BEST chorizo. I learned from her and now I've passed the job onto my husband. My kids LOVE it too!

    Then, last night my husband and I went to Red Lobster because we had a gift card from Christmas. I ordered the exact same thing that your husband did and I gave the pasta to my husband for lunch today. He ordered the mussel dish and he loved it. Too funny that we've been eating the same things! :)

    I forgot about the cauliflower crust pizza - made it once after seeing it on your blog and LOVED it! May have to do that again soon.

    Enjoy your nice weather. We're coming home (to California....I'll always call it home) in July. Can't wait. Have a great week. Kim

  3. It looks like you had a busy and fun weekend. I would love the Red Lobster biscuits if they would give you butter! I know that most people don't want or need it, but I just wanted some butter:) I am not a Red Lobster fan so I haven't eaten there in forever.
    What is your favorite movie that you have seen recently?
    Bummer about your monthly, you just aren't "mature" enough yet:)

  4. Yum, Red lobster sounds good! Their biscuits are famous I think! Good luck with the car!


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