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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mystery Dough - turnover

Good Morning Friends,

First I want to say that that I am getting a lot of spam comments on my blog. I delete them right away but it is a pain. That is the reason why I made it where you can't comment anonymous before. IDK - I'm thinking of changing it back - maybe...

Yesterday's breakfast was toast - 1 with my homemade almond butter and 1 with cottage cheese on top and turkey bacon and a few berries.
I went out to the South Coast Plaza and Met Carey over there and we walked around and window shopped for dishes - didn't buy any, and we had lunch at Ruby's Diner. We both had a lettuce wrapped turkey-avocado-chipotle burger and a few fries. She was so nice and brought us both a zevia in her purse, and yup we drank them right there in the restaurant. Thanks Carey that was a lot of fun.

It took me 1.5 hours to get back my way- and oh yeah the temp in the car was 90 and I had to turn on the AC - WHAT??  Hubby had set up an appointment to view a house at 4pm so I took a detour to IKEA to see what kind of dishes they had.
 I liked these, they have a nice shape and are not too expensive. I will take hubby back over there to look the next day off he has.
I went to view the home, nice but too small I think. Got home and took the furry girls for a walk - but this time I just stayed inside the gates. There was kids out playing and came over and petted the girls and they love kids.
I stopped at Ralphs on the way home and got a few things and steak for dinner. I hate it when you get it home and the underneath part is all fat - LIARS!! So Dinner was steak (which half of it was fat) Mashed cauli-taters and a spinach salad.
 I saw this recipe online here: http://islandeat.wordpress.com for a "Mystery Dough - turnover" and thought I would give it a try with coconut flour.

2 tbsp of cream cheese, and butter and 2tbsp of coconut flour
work into dough and roll it out on parchment paper
Here I used my tortilla press
Put 2 tbsp of Natures Hollow inside -  and fold over and pinch the sides.
 I put it in the fridge wrapped in parchment paper over night so I could make it for breakfast.
Place on parchment paper on cookie sheet at 350 for 20 minutes.
This was the result - It came out kind of cracked, but I have to say the cream cheese in the dough made it taste like a cheesy Tart. I have to figure out how to get the dough not to crack - but was great for my breakfast this morning. Anybody know what to do for the cracking thing?? Chime in please...
Here is a updated photo of me using my tortilla smusher and making 2 sides and I put a few rasprberries inside.
Here I made 2 using some of each almond and coconut flour

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Maybe it needed a little more moisture. I know they say coconut flour needs the extra eggs for moisture...or a little more butter or just a hit of half n' half. Just thinking out loud. You could put an egg wash on it too maybe....Sounds good though, I might give it a try.

  2. I like those dishes, my daughter swears by her Ikea dishes, I thought they were really heavy. I bet it was fun to see Carey! I would love to meet you guys someday. A walk on the beach and shopping? I would be ecstatic!
    I wonder if Almond flour would work better? I love that you try so many fun things, are you on pinterest? There are a million recipes that you would like!

  3. I wish I lived near you and Carey. What fun lunches we would have!! Love those white plates. I always find good things at Ikea if I go there, but I never think to go there because it's not in my usual area of travel. I HATE when the grocery stores pull that sort of thing. I have taken back the wrapper and the receipt in the past and gotten my money back. Once I orderd a whole tenderloin trimmed for a Christmas party and there was so much fat. I took the trimmed fat and the receipt back after the fact and told them I was charged for alot of fat and it was supposed to be trimmed. Alot of effort to do that. Sometimes it's easier to just shrug it off and forget it right? Have a good rest of the weekend. XO!

  4. We did have fun, yesterday, and lunch was super yummy! I don't usually carry Zevia in my purse, but I wanted you to try the new flavors that I found at Mothers....Yum! I can't believe you found some plates similar to the super expensive ones you had liked AND at Ikea....I bet they were much less expensive....Yay! My husband went to Living Spaces in Irvine while we were shopping and found an Entertainment system/tv stand (in the lighter color reclaimed wood look) and I went to check it out today and bought it...Finally! I think it will match the cute Pottery Barn chest/coffee table :) As for the turnover, it looks yummy and the apricot Nature's hollow is my fav....maybe it wouldn't crack if you didn't put it in the freezer...idk...you know my cooking skills...LOL. Enjoy this beautiful weather.
    PS-I think there was something going on w the freeway yesterday. My neighbor works in Palos Verdes and she texted me asking to come over and have wine because it took her 2 hrs to get home!

  5. Did you fold the dough after you had frozen it, or before? Butter turns really hard when frozen, so I wonder if you rolled it out, filled it and let it sit out so the butter got soft, before folding, it wouldn't crack? Or maybe melt the butter when adding to other ingredients? Just thinking out loud.

  6. I've been getting a lot of those spam comments too in my email. What's going on with that? Glad you and Carey had a nice day out. What was the new flavor of Zevia she wanted you to try? We are supposed to get snow here this coming week, no A/C for us, lol!

  7. I think maybe too much flour? Because you can't to coconut flour 1:1 with wheat flour. That's my only suggestion without actually making the recipe. Or maybe putting xanthum gum in with the flour, to get it to stick together more.

  8. I just had another thought - when you make cookies with butter you aren't supposed to freeze it, because the butter gets too hard. So just fridge next time.. :)

  9. Hi Rosie!
    That recipe looks delish! I dont know much about the coconut flour but I would venture to bet that it is a moisture issue too. Not sure what to add...maybe some almond milk or the half & half sounds like a good idea too.
    I cant have coconut flour until Cycle 2 of 17Dd but I know you willhave that recipe perfected by then.
    Have a great day!! Oh, and by the way, I love the dishes!!!

  10. I couldn't find the recipe for the dough...where do I look?

  11. I couldn't find the recipe for the dough...where do I look?

  12. Yes I think you should not let anonymous people post, spam is no fun! I love the dishes too!


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