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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mashed Cauli-Taters and Cauli-Tater pancakes...

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to share real quick what I have been eating yesterday.

Breakfast for Hubby and I was a little left over chicken, eggs, salsa and 2 small homemade corn tortillas which he loved BTW! He said he wants to learn how to make them so he can show off at the F.D.
 My lunch was the left over chopped liver on rye. Had to use it up.
 It was raining pretty hard all day so we didn't go anywhere. In the evening I made some Mashed Cauli-Taters. They taste so good!!!
I took a small head of cauliflower and boiled a little then put into my food processor with some:
butter, cream cheese, grated parmesan cheese, garlic, sea salt and unsweetened almond milk. YUM-YUM
 We ate some of those and chicken for dinner.
 For desert I made us some chia-pudding with a few raspberries and redi whip.
 Breakfast this morning I made some Cauli-tater pancakes out of the left over mashed Cauli-taters from last night. I added in 2 eggs and cooked them on my grill.
I ate them with Natures Hollow preserves and they tasted like potato pancakes - real light and GOOD!!
At first Hubby didn't want any, but I made him try a bite of mine and he loved it. He needs to trust me a little bit more.
  Today is his last day off for a while. He is gonna work nights Th-M. Yeesh!!He is really tired from all the OT and has been kind of napping the past couple days, which he really needed. This morning we are gonna go look at a couple more houses. We are still waiting for the short sale but if we find something cheaper and better - why not?

Have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Gotta love the cauliflower. I love it mashed. Never thought of pancakes though. Great idea! Take care! XO

  2. Cauli mash looks awesome! You are sooo creative when it comes to cooking. I'm not the best cook so I am not creative when it comes to creating a masterpiece. It seems I need to follow every instruction to make sure the food comes out edible....hehehe! I hope hubby catches up on sleep. Sleep is so important (as you and I both know because we can't get any, no matter how hard we try!!!!)

  3. I love how your man is willing to accommodate this way of eating with you - 'tis very sweet.

  4. Don't laugh...but I'm skeered if eating the chia seeds. What if they don't pass the way they are supposed to!! (I've been watching monsters inside me...or something like that on tv).
    Then I had a good giggle...honey taste this! which reminded me me of the kings of comedy skit! Or at least I think that's where I heard it.


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