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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cutey Pie Teddy Bear...

Hello People,

Yesterday while out running errands hubby and I stopped at The Hometown Buffet for a very late lunch, 2:30 pm. Yeah I know that's not like me at all. I love to eat my 3 square meals a day. I had some chicken and took off the breading, fish and veggies.

While we were eating Hubby starts to tell me a story of when we were at the GAGA concert 2 weeks ago to see his daughter Nicole perform. If you are new here Nicole is Hubby's daughter 28 and she is one of Lady GAGA's dancers.

So he tells me that he was in the bathroom after the concert on the way out. He was in a line of about 6 guys and he says this freak- monster-dressed guy just walks thru right past everyone to the front of the line and they all go "what the h*ll?" So anyway hubby is done and is washing his hands and reaches for a paper towel and that freak guy reaches over him.

So Hubby says "excuse me?? What the F*ck are you doing?? Wait your turn".. and the monster says " I'm getting a towel." so Hubby looks up at the 6' 5" freak (cause he's only 5' 9") and says Mother F*cker!! I Will F*ck you UP!!

So this is when I practically spit out my food bursting out laughing. YOU SAID WHAT??? I was cracking up for like 10 minutes...He said the guys at the F.D. reacted the same way when he told them. LOL

I said " I can just picture you - a big Cutey pie TEDDY BEAR with a high pitched voice (like a mouse) saying ... Mother F*cker!! I Will F*ck you UP!!

Did you hear the mouse saying that??

If you only knew him - he is the total opposite of that mean mouse.  Oh geeze he had me laughing so hard I just had to share it with you...

We left there and went a few more places and stopped at Sprouts to get some Zevia that was on sale for only $2.99 a 6-pk. Thanks Carey :-)

So I go over to get a loaf of bread and the girl that helped me the last time I was there says HI!! I have been reading your blog!! I told her all about it the last time I was there. She was so sweet so A BIG HI from me. (sorry I forgot your name).

When I got home it was too late so no dinner for me but I did have a few Protein bites and some decaf tea and rediwhip.

I really  hope this had you all laughing as much as me. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Live now. Make now always the most precious time.
Now will never come again.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Like your quote for today. Thanks for blogging Rosalie!

  2. Your hubby is sure brave! What a deal on Zevia! I've never seen it that cheap!

  3. Wow! Hubby has some cajones (sp?) for standing up to the big guy....hehehehe! My hubby is 6'1" and has never been in a fight. I guess the guy really made him mad :) No problem on letting you know about the sale...anytime I see a good price on one of our BFC finds, I'll let y'all know.

  4. That did make me laugh!!! That is a gutsy or crazy move by your hubby! That's how my husband gets when someone cuts him off in traffic! Mr. Mild Mannered goes nuts!
    Fun post!

  5. Awe...poor hubby!!! Ahahaha. My hubby is 6'7"...he has been challenged once in our 27 years together...and the challenger was 5'3". Men!!


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