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Friday, November 16, 2012

Waiting, Waiting, waiting...

Hi Friends,

Today turned out to be a weird day. You know how I always say to be prepared and keep some snacks in your purse? Well today those came in handy for sure.
I started out with my healthy breakfast like usual.
I made a muffin with some almond flour and flaxseed and chia seeds, 1 egg, 1 tb of pumpkin, pumpkin spice and cinnamon and stevia and some USVAM. with butter and natures hollow on top, berries and bacon.

The smiley face is for you DAWN. :-)

I balanced the checkbook and paid bills - UGH! Tried to be quiet for Hubby while he was sleeping. Then after he got up we were going to run some errands and go to lunch - but he suddenly got called to work.

So I went to the DMV to take care of this big problem for him with a car he sold over a year and a half ago, but the guy never registered it and not only did he get tickets but the tag renewal fees plus late fees now that hubby owes cause DMV never got the release of liability for some reason. What a nightmare.
I wound up waiting there for close to 4 hours total with NO LUNCH mind you!! I ate my baggie of nuts I always keep in my purse and 1 square of 86% dark chocolate and some cinnamon Spry gum. Those saved me for sure.

When I left I went straight to Chipotle and got a salad and straight home. I wound up eating at 4:30 pm and I think I gobbled it down in 10 minutes flat. Starving Much?? I really don't like being hungry any more.

I think that is the key to keeping the weight off. Never let yourself get to the point of you feeling starving. That is where you go wrong and eat BAD stuff if you can't control the hunger fast enough.

I bundled up and took the girls on a real fast 1.25 mile walk. It was getting real dark or I would have gone more. I don't like walking around here in the dark.

So obviously no dinner for me tonight - just a desert and some decaf tea I guess.

.I wish you all a great weekend. Anyone doing anything good this weekend?? Don't forget where ever you are or what ever you are doing - don't forget to eat healthy.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Your picture of waiting is funny! Hubby had to renew his drivers license and experienced a long wait too.
    Your day has to start off good if you have a bacon smile:)

  2. thank you Rosy, you made my night! What a happy breakfast! :) Hope your weekend is good..

  3. Second the funny pics! The DMV (or as they say here in Indiana, the BMV...same diff) can be a logistical nightmare. We're lucky because they organized the system better to get people through faster but it's only been in the last few years. Five years ago it was a mess.

    I've done some research and decided that I don't want to snack daily. HOWEVER, I do think it's a good idea to keep snacks around if you're in a situation like the one you just experienced. Having a snack is SO IMPORTANT...especially for me because I get low blood sugar.

    Your examples are great for me because I see someone who is not afraid of fat or a healthy meal and someone who eats until she's full. coming off of years of bad diet mentality "oh I can't eat this because it has one more gram of fat" or counting numbers like I was an accountant, it helps me to see the way you eat with pics. I think, "Oh, she's eating plenty and look how great Rosy looks". I appreciate that you post pics.

    A happy breakfast, like you, is my goal. :)


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