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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Jogged - Huh?

Hi Ya Friends,

So what is today? Oh yeah Thursday, and Hubby is working nights again then off a few days. Last night I went to bed early and watched TV and tried to fall asleep after 10:30 ish and twice I thought someone was on the bed touching me. I had to sit up and look to make sure the little rat or the other 2 didn't jump up. And NOPE! Just me... So after that I had very broken sleep.

I am starting to feel the same way as Hubby now. He keeps telling me how much he HATES it here. We are very uncomfortable and I am very sure that we won't make it thru the year lease here. So the hunt goes on for a home for us every day. It is getting confusing.

What I ate today;
Breakfast was 2 toast 1 with butter and natures hollow and 1 with butter and nut butter, 2 eggs w/cheese and berries.
 After breakfast we decided to go back and look at 1 of the houses we looked at yesterday. This one needs a ton of work. Both bathrooms and kitchen needs to be gutted and re-done. So we went to Home Depot to look at the price of stuff then to...

IKEA. That place has a ton of stuff and great ideas and great prices too. We got hungry so ate lunch there. Meatballs (I only ate 10 of them and gave hubby the rest) and veggies and water.
Got home and Hubby went to take a nap before work tonight. I tried to be quiet for him and watched TV.

Got hungry so had a snack of pork rinds. When he woke up we talked about the house situation again then he went to work and me and the 3 furry girls went for a walk. Over 2 miles again today. But today I made them JOG a couple blocks with me. You should have seen the people smile at us. They thought it was cute I guess cause they all three kept up so good right next to me. And the funny thing is - I actually COULD do it now. I think I could do it the whole way if I wasn't so darn lazy. LOL

You know me - I just love to walk fast.

Dinner for me was chicken and a spinach salad. With some of my sweet treats after.

Well Good Night to you. I am SO hoping that I get some sleep tonight. Big HUGS for you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Give A Friend A Smile

Give a Friend a Smile QuoteIf you see a friend without a smile; give them one of yours. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Good night my friend. May you have a peaceful night without visitors!

  2. Trust your instincts! I have no doubt that what you're feeling is real. You're uncomfortable for a reason. I hope you find a house soon.

    I have a question for you Rosy. Do you believe in snacking? Even if it fits the BFC "less than 5 carbs" rule per serving? It looks like you eat a healthy breakfast which is good, and you get enough protein. I've read a lot about eating smaller meals to keep blood sugar up (I do have hypoglycemia) but I also like the freedom that comes with focusing on three healthy meals a day.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Of course you should have a snack only if you get hungry in-between meals. It's not good to stay hungry.
      I don't feel the morning snack is necessary but I do have a afternoon snack a lot of days.
      Just try to make it not too fattening. Like celery with cream cheese or peanut butter
      a small hanful of almonds or walnuts and 1 pc of cheese
      or if you are like me - a BFC homemade sweet treat.
      Make sure your dinner is no carbs and don't eat past 7pm. :-)

  3. Jogging?! I'm still trying to get myself to take daily walks..sigh! Yeah, it sounds like your rental is not the place for you. It's good that you have it though to take the "timetable stress" off of you while you hunt for the perfect house!

  4. Good info and tips. Thanks!

  5. BTW: Ikea serves meatballs? I learned something new today.


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