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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do You Believe??

Good MorNoonEvening,

What ever time it is where you are. I am so happy that the weather has finally cooled off a bit over here in Southern California. For quite a while it was over 100 every day for many weeks, and now its finally just over 80 the past few days. Perfect!

Yesterday for lunch I decided to make some Zucchini pancakes. They were so tasty I just had to share.
 I shredded a zucchini, cut up small pc of onion, chopped up 4 green olives w/jalapenos inside, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of different cheeses, spices - then fried in EVOO. They were a bit difficult to flip with my ET's and all but so GOOD!!
 After of course I ate one of the pumpkin muffins I had made.

I Went out to run some errands, bank, Sprouts then Ralphs then back home.

I have decided that no matter how I feel, I need to get back into the swing of things by walking every day like I always have. The 3 Furry girls and I went for a long walk around 4:30. 2.6 miles and it took us an hour. When we got back they were all so exhausted they just collapsed. Oh don't worry - they loved it - LOL

Dinner; I ate a spinach salad and some buffalo wings. My good ole stand-by when I am alone. Hubby was working the night shift after returning that fancy car.

So for those of you that believe in the supernatural;
Last night I went to bed kind of early, and around 10:30 got woken up by a tap on my knee. I was alone cause Hubby was working nights.
This has happened a few days before my son's funeral too. I got smacked on the butt lightly. I got startled both times but not scared at all.
I told Hubby this morning what happened and he said it's probably Aaron letting me know he's OK.
It's only been almost a month since he passed and at the funeral a guy that spoke and sang said that in his culture they believe that the spirit stays here on earth collecting all the prayers and love for 40 days then on the 40th day a green bird comes and if they believe the spirit goes into the bird towards heaven.
I would love to believe that is what Aaron is doing. LOVE YOU AARON!!

My breakfast this morning of course was 2 pumpkin muffins - one with frosting and one without, turkey bacon, berries and eggs with baby spinach and cheese.
My tummy is doing the happy dance right now.

I am trying to be quiet so Hubby can sleep - he got home this morning at 7am. He said maybe he wants to go see a movie before he goes to work tonight - we shall see.

Have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...


  1. Rosalie - Yay for you getting back into a routine. I have no routine right now and think that's why I'm a slug! Those pumpkin muffins and zucchini pancakes look good. I wish I liked to (and had time) to cook more.

  2. I totally believe it was Aaron :-) He loves his mom :-) and understand everything now...he can see the whole picture now.

  3. So cool that you are feeling Aarons love <3. I agree with Sandra - Aaron can see it all now and he knows your heart.

  4. Very cool. I think that's an awesome thought that he can see the whole picture now - nice
    Sandra :) I've wanted to make pumpkin something - think I'm going to make a wheatless/sugarless pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner (which in Canada is on Monday). You sound good today Rosalie :)


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