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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hi Friends,

Well as you can see from me making another post today, we never got the papers yesterday either. SHEESH! It is very nerve wrecking. All this waiting. I actually had to find and send over the paperwork from our BK from over 3 years ago yesterday. AGAIN! I got kind of pissed and told hubby that she said it was approved!! So why is she asking for more papers again? When they look at it they will say no!! He says its just for the file. I say that when they see it - we are in trouble.

I can't sleep and I can't keep packing if I don't know if or when the loan will fund and we get the keys!!!!!!!

Well my breakfast yesterday;
2 oasis toast w/butter and peanut butter, turkey bacon, poached eggs, 1/2 avocado and berries. Keep in mind that I usually share a few bites of the bacon and eggs with my 2 furry girls. They need breakfast too right?
I made some brownies, the ones made with black beans. 
I have to make sure I have enough BFC sweets around - I have a sweet tooth like there's no tomorrow.
I went upstairs and started cleaning up my desk area to get ready to pack it - but not yet, might still need the stuff.
My lunch; I made a chicken-pesto-pizza with a carb chopper tortilla, pesto sauce, spinach, cheese, 1 can  of chicken, feta cheese and of course jalapenos.
I guess yesterday was wheat day...
Here is a link that hubby found regarding that subject; http://now.msn.com/gluten-free-foods-are-a-fad
You already know how I feel about the subject...

Snack; was 1 brownie and 1 chocolaty treat.

The furry girls and I went for a 2.1 mile walk - It is so great for it to be just the 3 of us this past week!!

Dinner was a spinach salad and some wings and some rediwhip in a bowl for desert.

Today is gonna be it - I hope - or I give up, we're gonna have to find somewhere to rent.

Have a great day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Say Nice Things

Play the ‘Reverse Gossip’ Game. See how many nice things you can say ‘behind someone’s back’. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That article ran in Canada too (re: gluten) and someone linked it to Dr. Davis. I commented on his blog that journalism today is so poor (no real investigation going on in that article). To which Dr. Davis replied, "Dr. Davis says: August 2, 2012 at 7:07 am So many of these pieces are really written and/or paid for by the wheat lobby. There was no unique insight in the article, nor new information. It just rehashed conventional thinking. That is the stamp of the wheat lobby." I think people would do well to start and understand where this information originates. Just because it's in the news doesn't make it true :)

    I listened to a podcast with Dr. Davis and he talks about people who don't feel any negative affects from eating wheat. He describes what it is doing to your insides even if you don't feel it.


    It's ok to continue to consume it as long as you are making an informed decision to do so. I know eliminating it from my life has made enormous changes that I would never have attributed to eating it so that’s all the proof I need.

    While I was away last weekend my friend’s step mother (unprompted by me) told me of her friend who had to give up gluten (she gets violently ill if she has any now). Her husband gave it up too since she couldn’t have any and the rheumatoid arthritis in his knees completely disappeared. I told my friend’s step mother that they should read Wheat Belly and they would understand what just happened.

    I feel your frustration over this house ... I HATE being in limbo. I wish you a speedy process from here on out :)

    1. I feel like I should add something here ... Rosalie, I hope you know I'm not being argumentative with you - if I didn't care about people I wouldn't take the time to draft such a long response. I just want others who read your posts (and I know a lot of folks do) to have all the facts for themselves to make informed choices :)

  2. Sorry they are keeping you hanging. I think it will all work out. Keep positive. Sending extra good wishes, hugs and love! XO

  3. I hope you hear something tomorrow Rosalie :)

  4. I'm hoping that you got the keys today and that the time difference between Indy and Cali has caused a delay of notification or you are so busy moving you haven't been able to update. Positive thoughts sending your way!!

  5. OMG Rosalie! I feel your stress...you are amazing you just keep going with healthy living no matter what they throw at you.
    Visualizing you happy and in your new home and positive vibes for a good outcome for you.

  6. There is so much "evidence" on both sides of the wheat issue. Each person needs to figure out what is true for them. I discovered that the bran of wheat bothers me, but not refined wheat. The negative symptoms I have when I eat whole wheat have disappeared with the removal of the bran portion of the wheat(whole grain wheat). I wonder how many people who have a problem with wheat, like the examples you've given, Trina, are reacting to the bran, but are assuming it's wheat in general that is bothering them, yet would continue to maintain their improvements if eating refined wheat. I'm not saying that anyone "should" eat refined wheat, I'm just saying maybe some people's symptoms are not from wheat itself but wheat in it's whole grain form.

    1. I would think after a decade of looking at this Dr. Davis would know that answer. I'll post that question on his blog and we'll see if he has an answer (he's very responsive over there). He relates that the arthritis effect is usually the gliaden protein (I believe) and I'm pretty sure that is part of the whole grain not just the bran but hopefully he'll shed more light :)

    2. Just following up to post Dr. Davis' reply (you can follow the link if you want to read the whole post over there).

      "Dr. Davis says: August 3, 2012 at 8:57 am

      But remember, Trina: Not all adverse health effects of wheat consumption are perceived.

      For instance, you can still have intestinal “leakiness” to foreign substances develop, leading to long-term risk for triggering autoimmune conditions, without perceiving it.

      Wheat is bad no matter how you cut it. I don’t believe you or I have to convince everybody. Don’t waste your breath. Influence those who have open minds and are willing to consider that this thing that is so ubiquitous, so widely embraced, ruins health."


      None of us running our blogs are experts by any stretch. I think each individual reading the blogs needs to do their homework and make informed decisions about what they are eating.

      I think a lot of people will have issues with wheat (even if they don't want to acknowledge it). I think it is addictive for many and can probably derail honest hard work (losing weight). If you have uncontrollable cravings for starters … I would look hard at your wheat consumption :) There is absolutely nothing in wheat you need on a nutritional level.

  7. Well, if my health starts to decline I'll reconsidering the eating of wheat, but I'm not going to remove something from my diet just because I "might" be having unperceived problems with wheat. I need evidence for myself, not the evidence of other people's results or what others (doctors, science, etc.), who exist outside my body, are saying.

    That's my personal opinion on this issue. Ultimately, everyone is going to do exactly what they want to do.


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