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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What has Helped...

Hi All,

In USA Today newspaper from Friday they had an article that said how Female Dieters found that keeping a food diary helped in weight loss. It also said that by not skipping meals or eating out as much will help you in your weight loss too.

Really? Very TRUE. I have been saying this for a while. Blogging has kept me accountable by putting myself out there and telling the world what I am going through and what I eat every day. I found that be taking pictures of my food, it helps others as well. Everyone can see that I am not full of crap and see exactly what I eat.

We all know its much healthier for us to eat at home vs eating out. We know exactly what is in the food we put in our mouths. How healthy it is or is not. I have found out that you have a much better chance in losing weight be eating at home. But if you don't have that luxury all the time - learn to make the right choices.

Can I eat whatever I want if it fits in the 5/2 rule??? Absolutely NOT! You are not gonna be healthy and lose weight by eating the wrong foods all the time. example: you can't eat potato chips every day at lunch cause you saved enough S/C to do so. You know they are not good for you. Don't bring them home and they won't be calling your name.

I have always said not to skip meals. It's OK to skip snacks - don't eat them if you are not hungry in-between meals. But you metabolism needs you to eat 3 times a day at least. When you skip meals your body goes into starvation mode and starts using muscle instead of fat - it stores it for later. Did I say that right?

Also When you skip a meal - what do you think is gonna happen? You will be much more tempted to cheat because you will all of a sudden get super hungry out of the blue and just want to eat anything in your site.

How much weight is a healthy amount to lose every week? Don't believe what it says on the cover of Jorge's books; "You will lose 4-9 lbs a week" In the first 2 weeks that might happen from the shock of doing something so different and most of it just might be water weight anyway. I have been reading It is much healthier to lose about 2 lbs a week. It is healthier for your body, muscles, organs and your skin. So do it slow and you have a much better chance of keeping it of forever!

For Pete's SAKE - stop running and doing stuff to lose weight just because someone says to. Do your homework first. Don't believe everything everyone says. Read labels - Investigate first

And Remember - WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT...

I can't say enough how important it is to join our bloggin community. It has helped so many of us stay on the right path, So if you haven't joined yet - do it now. There is a list of many other blogs on my list below. Some are just for recipes that can be adapted to BFC and most are my BFC Bloggin Friends. So Join them and start leaving comments. If you don't we have no idea that anyone is reading.

We all blog to help YOU - so come on!!

My breakfast today;
Well I really felt like pancakes this morning, so I made my usual w/almond-flaxseed-coconut flours. I have seen many recipes using almond flour lately that they used water and less eggs instead of milk. So I thought I would try and see for myself.
1/4 c almond flour, 1/4 c of flaxseed, 1.5 tb of coconut flour, 2 tb of chia seeds, 1 egg, vanilla a few drops of stevia, cinnamon, and a little USA milk and water. 
They were harder to flip for me anyways with my ET's and tasted a little different. I like it better the reg. way with 2 eggs and almond milk to get it to the right consistency. Live and learn - also I used Natures Hollow syrup instead of Josephs which tastes a zillion times better. I usually use Natures hollow only for my baking where the recipe calls for agave or honey. 

I know all you wheat-belly-heads think that eating wheat makes you hungrier - but today by eating those pancakes here it is 2.5 hours later and they did not satisfy me at all and I'm hungry already but I have to wait until at least 12:00 to eat don't I? Feeling real shaky too. YEESH - just suck it up girl....drink water....

Lunch is gonna be my other pizza from yesterday;
Waste not - Want not... OK nope - liked the crust even worse the second day - yuck.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for today:

Value Yourself, Value Your Time

Value Yourself, Value Your Time, Positive QuotesUntil you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I am a world famous. Meal skipper. I still can not get over the fact that Jorge has so much ever changing info.
    I do come to you everyday and it means the world to me what you share.
    i have been trying to go to your first blogs and read along but as usual I can not figure out how to do it.
    I have made a comment most everyday but it will never post.
    I am trying and i want to be part of the community!

  2. OK ... those pancakes look weird. If it 'aint broke - don't fix it :) I WAY prefer Nature's Hollow syrup. Joseph's tasted like yucky fake Aunt Jamima to me. I'm used to real maple syrup (of course here in Canada).

    Sorry about the pizza :( I guess it’s cauliflower or zucchini … that’s ok.

    As for "wheat belly heads" - I can tell you that this post from Dr. Davis was 100% accurate for me (and appears to be for my mom as well) ... what can I tell you ... I could never skip a meal before and now I skip quite often and never even notice. I always start the day with a BAB (big a** breakfast as Dr. Kruse calls it). I don't think you ate nearly enough protein or fat this am and that's why you were hungry - nothing to do with the wheat :) http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2011/12/hunger-pangs/

    1. I do love me a BAB - you're probably right - I do much better with eggs and turkey bacon - and I love the cauliflower and zucchini crusts much better. :-)

    2. I was thinking if you'd had a couple eggs with the pancakes you wouldn't have been hungry ;) Next time ...

  3. Very good post, Rosalie. :)

  4. Great post Rosalie. Right on point as usual with good reminders for all of us. I have been eating in more lately as we are all trying to eat better for the wedding. You are right that it helps with the weight loss. Now the wine...that's another story. Hey I'm not perfect yet!! Hugs and love!! XOXO

  5. I loved your tips! They are all so true. My breakfasts are good but I need to start eating a healthier lunch instead of eating this and that on the run. New recipes are fun to try but not every one is a keeper. I have a little manilla recipe folder full of keepers and a lot of them I have found on these blogs!


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