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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Problem...

Good Wednesday Morning to you all,

Hubby and I decided to go for a walk early this morning because it has been so HOT!! Yesterday and today over 100 degrees. I have to say I was quite surprised that he was willing to go with me and the furry girls - cause he never wants to. He says "you know I never go out when the sun is out". Oh did I forget to say - He's a vampire??

Anyway at 7am this morning I had 1 scoop of MRM chocolate whey protein powder w/water first. We did our almost 3 mile walk that me and the dogs normally do and when we got back he said he had fun!! Well What do you know...Even Vampires like to walk...

What I ate yesterday;
 Breakfast; my muffin w/ some blueberries and walnuts inside w/butter and natures hollow on top.
 Lunch; hubby made this chicken and some stir fry veggies and gave me half. It was a bit salty for me but I ate it anyway. After I ate 2 chocolaty treats.

snack; I was hungry and ate 12 turkey pepperonis, 1 cheese, and some almonds.
Dinner; I made a fritata w/sauted mushrooms and zuchinni, 2 eggs and cheese.

Breakfast this morning after our walk;
 mine was a wheat tortilla w/mozzeralla cheese and 2 turkey bacon. No eggs since I ate them for dinner last night.
Hubby's was eggs scrambled w/zucchini, onion, hot sauce and cheese - turkey bacon.

He's trying to eat like me but can't do it all the time, but he tries.

OK so now for my problem:

I do listen to all of you that are going grain free.
I listen to you when you keep saying that coconut oil is so healthy and good for us.

While I was losing all my 90lbs I ate wheat bread or tortillas at least once or twice a day and still managed to lose all that weight. I felt healthy and good because wheat does not bother me.

Once I discovered coconut flour treats thanks to Dawn, I lost those last few pounds because those treats were actually less calories and sugar and carbs then other BFC treats I was eating.

Now I have discovered Almond and Flaxseed flours, I love the taste too. But I think its' just too darn fattening like some of you have commented about.

The past few weeks I have been trying to eat my Oasis bread or wheat tortilla only like twice a week and try to eat more stuff made with the grain free options.

It has backfired for me BIG TIME!!

I am now up to 153.5 - that's 5.5 lbs higher than my low weight of 148. That is not OK and I am not happy about this.

I can't eat just eggs and bacon or meat and veggies for every single meal. I can't realistically eat like that and be happy. I need some sort of carb. That's just me.

I don't think I am eating too much - and I never count my calories, however I do look at them and I think the almond flour stuff and all the coconut oil is too fattening and has too many calories and has made my weight go up.

What do you think? You all know what I eat every day. I never lie about that and never have. I am never going gluten free - so take that out of the equation.

It might be the fact that our life is still on hold waiting for the loan for the new house, and that I get very little-to none sometimes sleep. Or a combination of all of the above.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

One Positive Thought

One Positive Thought, Positive Quotes
It takes but one positive thought, when given a chance to survive and thrive, to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I tried to go grain free just because everybody else was doing it and then I read your blog post a while back about how everybody lost weight with the original BFC and I do not have any severe reactions to grains, so I went back to the BFC and have been losing on a regular basis.

    Even after my hysterectomy last year, I still get severe PMS symptoms, including bloating, so I don't weigh myself for 2 weeks out of the month because I go up as high as 5 pounds during that time..

    anyway, I did weigh myself on Monday and I am down 39 pounds in 23 weeks and am pretty proud of myself.

    I notice when I am not deliberate about eating/counting fiber grams, I do not lose as much each week.

    Try and stay cool Rosalie!

  2. I have said in the past that I think calories do count. I know that the other flours are supposed to be good for you, and I am sure they are, but they are calorie laden. Part of it could be going from walking 2.5 miles to 1 mile per day. Part of it just could be the way your body is adjusting.
    From what I could find real quick it looks like there is about 25 calories more in coconut oil per TBSP. That can add up over the course of a day too, depending on how many treats that you have.
    I say eat the whole wheat, but I'm a rebel because I eat the Healthful english muffins to keep me regular and they have a teeny bit of sucralose in them.
    Whatever works and makes you feel satisfied! Too much of even allowable treats is still too much:)
    I wish I took my own advice!

  3. Hey Rosalie,
    I agree, I have tried wheat free because I have ibs, hearburn but I can't eat that way for rest of my life...and I didn't notice huge diff when dropped wheat for 2 wks. I am afraid to do bfc tho because seems like lots of carbs I'm afraid I will gain...I know I should give it a month and see how I feel on it and see what I lose. I only have about 20 to lose.

  4. I do love the freedom you seem to have with bfc esp in the summer w bbqs and wkend parties.

  5. True. I havent lost much either going wheat free and feel fatter actually even,when I eat right. I just gave them up because of health concerns like joint pain, but if I dont lose weight this,week I will incorporate grains,back to my diet because bread with these grain free breads are reaally higg calories amd homestly I feel lile,they are the reason im getting bigger or not losing belly weight , I do eT higher calories with grain free breads but when I eat low calories and my grains, I,did,lose,weight, ,my lowest weight actually, now I just gain or, lose two pounds max

  6. I do q
    Want to incorporTe wheat back to my diet but feel I would,gain weight quickly since,ive been eating a really low carb,diet ,,, im scared guys!

    1. will start, cause i know deep inside i can't be wheat free forever, plus i was losing weight faster. OK! Ill try!

  7. For me those flours are to rich. I track on my fitness pal and the muffins, and protein bars are very calorie laden. Coconut flour muffins and breads are the best, lower calories than most whole grain options. Low carb does work but for me at least calories have an impact on my weight loss.

  8. I don't know Rosalie. When I was stalling I cut out all the coconut flour treats just in case. Of course now I'm stalled again and wondering if I should cut out the protein bites (but I love them too much). I go wheat free a lot of days and then I'll have french toast w/ Joseph's syrup, or 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich, or something like that. Still BFC friendly. I'm trying to keep my bread carbs (that's what I call them) low, but I don't eliminate them entirely. Still trying to get to 150lbs!

  9. Well ... I'm not long term like you and I haven't gotten to the near "ideal" body weight yet but I eat like that (and have almost from the start) and continue to lose weight at an amazing rate (I think anyway). I’m hardly ever hungry and never have cravings (something I used to deal with daily).

    I eat one or two of the protein bars everyday and maybe one or two chocolate treats depending. I also have a nut/coconut flour something for most breakfasts. You do not store coconut oil as fat (olive oil you might). Read this link on fats http://www.westonaprice.org/know-your-fats/skinny-on-fats/.

    There’s a reason Jorge tells people that the progress on the original BFC will be slower … the extra carbs slow you down. You are living proof that it does work and if people feel more comfortable eating that plan, then they should stick with that.

    I honestly don’t miss wheat at all (and I was a whole wheat toast EVERY morning for years girl, plus pasta, crackers, muffins, cookies …). Just like you say, I think it’s all in people’s head too. If you think you can’t live without wheat than you can’t. I told myself it wasn’t an option and I figured it out.

    I did a ton of reading after I read BFC and Fast Track and I just feel that wheat is no good for anyone (even if you feel fine eating it I think there is a good chance it is doing bad things to your body). Since giving up wheat I’ve noticed marked health improvements beyond weight loss (mainly a chronic post nasal drip has almost disappeared). My friend’s husband has been wheat free for almost 3 weeks and says his painful knees feel great. I know two other guys who gave up wheat for health reasons their doctors couldn’t help with and now they feel amazing. One guy told me he spent his whole life suffering after every meal and once he gave up wheat he feels normal (his belly also flattened right down).

    I noticed early on that my belly wasn’t so bloated looking. My mom and I were just discussing that now when we eat we just feel satisfied whereas before we would feel too full and bloated. I’m sure I even had acid reflux as I would burp incessantly after some meals. I no longer do that either.

    Sleep is a huge factor in weight loss as are stress hormones like cortisol. I know the weeks I haven’t been sleeping early enough my losses seem slower. I’m having a great week and I’ve been getting to bed at an earlier hour.

    Being obsessed with calories is old mentality – the calories don’t matter, the source of the calories matter. This is from the Huffingtonpost article Dr. Davis linked:

    “Dr. Mozaffarian points out that one of his major problems with caloric theory is that people choose the wrong targets for "good" versus "bad" foods. They select foods as "good" based on low calories, fat or sugar per serving rather than overall dietary quality and health effects. A good example is nuts, which have 165 calories per serving but have actually been proven to aid in weight loss.”

    I think you’re jumping the gun to blame coconut oil and almond flour but that’s me and I’m not facing the 5.5 pound gain :)

    1. Forgot to mention that I also have full fat coconut milk almost everyday ... have you seen the calories in that?

  10. Rosalie, there are lots of opinions, and I may not be the expert to give advice, but I do think that some of the higher non wheat products have too many calories.I think if you did fine with your old way of eating, you should stick with that. I make the flaxseed muffins, but have stayed away from the almond and coconut flours at the moment. I tend to overdo those. I'm stresed, tired, overworked and have this big wedding coming up. I am just trying to keep my meals as automated as possible and as simple as possible. Maybe someday soon I'll play around with recipes, but for now no time. Also could you please change my weight when you get a chance to 170.5. Thank you dear! Sending hugs and love!!XO

  11. You asked and you got alot of opinions :-) here is one more opinion LOL....I think the stress of what you are going through is a big player! and the dirty 'M' word could be starting to effect things since you still have your cycle you are probably at that point were your body could be doing it own addition due to menopause and the STRESS you are going through. As for the wheat as your carbs I agree with what you have always said EAT them unless you are sensitive to them or have a digestive issues or worst.

  12. I agree with Trina. It's more important to pay attention to nutrition than calories. If you don't have enough nutrients, your metabolism CAN'T work properly and there's more of a chance you'll gain weight because of that. Coconut flour and coconut oil are power foods. If I were you I wouldn't eliminate those. I would eliminate the almond flour before the coconut flour, and, remember, you said that when you started eating the coconut flour you started losing weight again. Do you take a good probiotic supplement? If your gut flora is not healthy, that can also cause you to gain weight.

    Also, stress can definitely make you gain weight, and you've been under more stress recently, especially with no sleep added to that...double whammy.

    Let us know what you decide to do.

  13. Saw this link today :)

    More Sleep To Keep Us Lighter


  14. I agree with what Daisy said. Take it easy, girl, don't let this add to your stress!

  15. So...am a tad behind in dates as you can see. DH gets hold of the laptop and I can't get to it for a while. So, anyway...Sistahfriend...what I am learning now the hard way...is hormones are a big factor as well as sleep. Seriously!!! I think the wheat issue, the carb issue, the calories is all relavent. Meaning...it's subject to each person's body. I have only made it halfway thru that podcast and plan to finish is tomorrow. I am horrified with the truvia...and while on the BFC am trying hard to not be wasteful with items and foods I purchase and consume...so this breaks my heart here. But I also know that after a major bout with insomnia and discovered that was due to an overload of mercury...I need and want to be aware of what I knowingly consume. Anyway...all that to say...maybe you should check with your doctor and maybe go back to what worked for you?


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