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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Frustrating Day...

Hello All,

Man today was so frustrating I cannot even tell you. So remember me saying that I used to have a Real Estate license for a business we used to have but no longer do? It expired way over a year ago. It was a very hard test, but with weeks and weeks of studying day and night non stop I passed the 3 hour Real Estate exam over 5 years ago with flying colors.

So Hubby has renewed his license a few months back and is studying for both a Broker's and Loan license's. You cannot do loans over here in California w/o having a Real Estate license first. He has been bugging me for months to renew mine. I have no desire to do it but if he starts doing loans I will have to be his assistant so-to-speak and will have to have my R.E. license to assist him.

He is great at getting deals and I am very organized and was very good with all the paperwork and details involved with the deals. Good teamwork I think. So today I contacted the Dept. of Real Estate online to see what I need to renew my license.

It turns out I need 5 different courses of at least 3 logged on hours each with a big test at the end of each one that can be done online. So I started the first one. READ_READ_READ - take a quiz, then repeat 5 more times.

I was only halfway thru - 4 hours in By The Way and I was not happy. I was getting pissed, E.T. shakey and could not figure why it was taking ME so long, and he tells me not to to not read everything - just go forward to the quizes and then he will help me with the big test at the end.

Did I tell you this was only the first class?? Only 4 more to go if I finish this one. So I do what he said - well, cause he did this a few months ago so he figured he cold help me with the answers and it will go faster. We get to the big test at the end. You need at least 70% to pass and:
I FAILED!!!  OK - so you get 2 times so the 2nd try for sure we can pass it.   F#*K, SH#@t, PISS - NOPE - FAILED AGAIN!! So now its 3:30 and I feel like I just spent all day on this shit and now to take it again I have to pay for that course again!!!

He knows at this point I blame him of course and feel like changing the locks on the house while he just left to run an errand. ARRGH!!!

Real quick for breakfast I ate a Pumpkin muffin again but put some peanut butter in it too and I thought it was great. Had to cook it for 3 minutes Trina and maybe you needed some more stevia. Also had some berries and turkey bacon.

Lunch; a carb chopper wheat tortilla w/pepper jack cheese, chicken, spinach, avocado and some hummus.

No pictures today I was too pissed - sorry.

I think maybe if I go for a walk with my furrie girls I won't feel like crying anymore and will stop yelling.

Did I say I am 53 and HATE learning stuff now. That's it I feel STUPID and like a FAILURE as usual!!

I hope you had a better day. Take care and

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Rosalie, sorry you feel that way today. Wish I could come have a glass of wine with you :) I may try the muffin again but I'm scared (it didn't taste very good at all). I'm sure I did something wrong so I'll give it one more go :) Even though I swore off cream cheese this week I bought more and I'm going to try your muffins ... yikes ... lol.

  2. I'm sorry, Rosalie. :( Just take your time, you can pass the test.

  3. i am sorry you had a bad day, Rosy! Go on that walk - it will help!

    I made that pumpkin muffin this morning for breakast. I put a little jam on top and it was the best! woo hoo!

    1. What did I do wrong with this muffin?! I must try again and hope for a better result :)

  4. I'm sorry:( I can't concentrate long enough to learn new things so I am totally impressed that you stayed after it for 4 hours! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger:)

  5. Hey Rosalie...I totally know what you are going through..I did the real estate license here in 2010/11 and the hours of studying only to miss by 4% UGH!! put in all the hours again and yeah I passed. Here it's expensive to get and to keep your license. Long story but I get your pain and frustration. You are amazing for taking it on!

  6. Rosalie I feel your pain girl! I spent all of my twenties in graduate programs and feeling constantly challenged, it was exhausting. I couldn't imagine revisiting that role of student at 30 so I can only imagine what it feels like at 53. Good for you for tackling a new challenge.. Always dynamic you are!


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