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Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Having a Party w/o me....

Hi Friends,

Help!! I've misplaced it - My mind has wandered off and is obviously having a party somewhere without me.

Yesterday was just a hurry up and wait kind of day. We were supposed to get final approval and the Hud1 in my email yesterday - but nothing. This is driving me crazy. I feel anxious and before I would have reached for food. The first investor that our lender was going thru was kind of like the same as this one. Sent over a ton of stuff they wanted every day, then was told we should get an answer the next day, then she did not answer her phone or texts (said it broke) and sure enough by Monday we were told NO! Now she is going thru a 2nd investor that she said made an exception for us and the final approval is just merely a formality, but I see the same pattern. Our walk thru is scheduled for Thursday and I was really hoping to find out yesterday.

I have stopped packing for now because I am just not sure. QUICK - someone distract me...ARGH!!!

This my new Bling case I just got in the mail that I ordered off of Ebay only $11.95
Breakfast yesterday was Oaisi toast w/butter and peanut butter, scrambled eggs w/cheese and turkey bacon.

Lunch: Hubby made a shake w/berries, MRM vanilla whey protein powder, U.S.vanilla almond mild and (my idea) a handful of the sugar free chocolate chips. He gave me 1/2
Then I was hungry about an hour later and I had one of my tortillas w/cheese and turkey.

Went shopping, Sam's club, Walmart, then Sprouts

snack; a pc of string cheese and some almonds and walnuts.

Dinner; was a spinach salad w/bacon bits, goat cheese and 1 gm of sugar dressing 

I made a piece of tillapia and thought I was putting a bit of mayo on top and after I put it on realized it was creamy HorseRadish. LOL and I sprinkled some parmesan on top and baked it and it was very good actually.

desert was 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate and rediwhip.

Have a great weekend. Maybe movies today and There is a home show in Anaheim that Hubby and I might go to tomorrow, its free and will take our minds off stuff.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Holding or Releasing

The difference between holding on to a hurt or releasing it with forgiveness is the difference between laying your head at night on a pillow filled with thorns or a pillow filled with rose petals.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Wow, your thought for the day sure resonates with me! I am happy to say that I slept on a pillow full of rose petals!
    Isn't it great as we get older that we can sometimes compartmentalize our stress? I remember when we got our house we didn't trust that my husbands house was sold until the day that they deposited the money. It is a stressful time because we would have been paying for 2 houses!
    I just know everything will work out for you!
    Enjoy your day:)

  2. I kinda had a "wait" week too. I'm going to summer school for 5 weeks and had asked 2 different folks if I could "room" with them for 3 days during the week and hadn't heard from them until Thursday night. I was getting pretty stressed and looking at hotel prices had me totally freaking out! So, I hope you have good news soon and great job on not falling into old unhealthy habits!

  3. I just can't wait for all this house stuff to be over for you. It's really unprofessional and rude to say they are going to get back to you at a certain time and then not, and then ignore your calls, etc. Weird! I hope they're not taught to do that; almost seems like it since it has happened to you more than once.

  4. This process seems to be so different in the US than here in Canada. I don't know how you stand it! I hope for your sake it ends soon (in a good way). Have a nice weekend!

  5. I miss my whipped cream but I stopped buying it because iwould snakc on it all freaking day:)! Hope everything goes awesome for you!

  6. What a gift your new home will be-I'll be so happy for you when this house buying is all over.
    I truly (really) admire your ability to NOT go to food during times of stress...I'm not there yet.
    Best Wishes-

  7. I've never tried the MRM Whey protein powder is that one good? You really are doing amazingly well not using food to ease the stress! I sure hope this house thing works out for you.

  8. You showed us your bling case, but I spent more time loving that we can see your collar bone. You give a girl hope.


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