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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Residual Problem...

Good Morning Friends,

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started off normal.

2 eggs, turkey bacon, whole grain 0 sugar tortilla w/cheese and some black and blueberries.

For lunch Hubby and I decided to go to my Favorite place - Chipotles. I had my usual salad w/lettuce, black beans, spicy beef, sour cream, cheese and guacamole on top w/water.
Hubby had a bowl w/brown rice and black beans, meat, corn, cheese and guac and always complains that its too much food. I always tell him get a salad instead of the rice - but he never does and just complains every time. ya-ya-ya

Then we went to AAA to switch the new plates that came in the mail for my new car for the Firefighter ones. Did that - then we went to Burlington Coat Factory across the street.

I am having a residual problem from losing so much weight. Before I was a size 20-18 and wore a 40 DD bra. When I lost 90 lbs I had to replace EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. I replaced my bras already with a size 36d - but have noticed that the cup seems to be too big.

Ever since I was a teen after I budded I was always a DD. I always wanted to be a C cause I thought it was a normal size. So I wanted to try some new ones on in a size C. Well the problem is - and I hope there is no men reading - They are kind of like deflated balloons now and not firm at all. So I couldn't really find any I liked.

We went to Kohls and I tried some there - but I was tired and disappointed and just wanted to go home. So I guess I will have to go someplace that has a bigger selection like Macy's or a bra store. I am now a V.S. fan and they are too expensive to not love them. SO I am still wearing bras that are too big. Oh well.

You see the problem we women have? Feel too fat and lose 90lbs. Then now I am skinny and still feel fat cause of the lose skin in some places. which thank goodness I can cover with clothes. LOL.

You know what this is. Cauliflower crust pizza.

Desert was a chocolate coconut muffin w/ some S/F chocolate chips inside. I am in love with these and so fluffy and good.

Hubby wanted me to make 1 for him but instead of the S/F maple syrup he says he wants honey in his. He loved it and insisted that his was better cause of the honey - I told him they probably tasted exactly the same.

Melody asked how I fix the wings I always eat.
Tyson® Buffalo Hot Wings - 5lbs
I buy these at Sam's Club -  love these cause they have no breading and I just put them under the broiler for a few minutes on both sides. Yum.

Anyway - that was my day and I hope you all had a great one. Thanks for listening.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

You Have It

Believe that you have it, and you have it.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosy,

    So many issues with losing weight. Breasts are a big part of it. I remember a friend telling me something, she lost weight and her breasts, and started with weights. She then began admiring her back, her back became so lovely (to her) and it stole her attention. Perhaps that's the answer, start focusing away from what was and see what has become. I am looking at my legs. My bottom gets flat, my stomach is still wobbly but my legs are looking leaner and tighter...I dress (as in lingerie or sleepwear) for my legs and detract from my bottom and tummy...it works. HE sees my legs...
    Also I wanted to speak about what you wrote yesterday. I agree with you 100%. It's about doing this thing forever. Bucking the trend to change and streamline and do more, just keep on in a way that is enjoyable, and that you can make your lifetime plan. I am on my 7th week, and I haven't binged or felt like binging...I do it the way I can, including stevia for example, and still see major results. But this is the plan I can follow hopefully until I lose the rest of the weight I need to, like you did.

    read your blog every day!


  2. This all sounds so familiar! I hate that I still feel unhappy with my body... All this loose skin. Yuck.
    I find myself wearing sports bras now...

  3. Hi Rosy! It took me a long time to figure the whole bra thing out, b/c I was always getting the wrong size. I went through cheap bras like crazy, they were always ill fitting and I never felt supported or dare I say "sassy and sexy" under my clothes. One Xmas my hubby gave me a Nordstrom gift card and I decided to get ONE good bra! Just one! They are so expensive! Once I was properly fitted by the bra expert ladies, I realized I was 2 cup sizes off and 1 size off the width! I felt AWESOME in my new bra and I swear, my self-confidence soared. Now, I save up, buy 3-4 bras twice a year (at their Yearly Sales OR go to Nordstrom Rack) and feel so good. Wherever you shop, it is SO worth it to get a proper fitting from a bra expert. Esp. as a confidence booster!
    **Oh, and I'm not marketing Nordstrom or saying other stores are not worthy of good bras. I just wanted to point out getting a proper fitting does wonders!!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Hey Mom,
    V.S. is the way to go!! Wait until they are buy one get one half off, or shop clearance and you can get the same bras in fun colors, although its not often that they have any matching bottoms left, but they are only like $25...and you can usually find some kind of matching bottom if it matters that much to you. I personally could care less if they match LOL. But definitely get measured again, and pick those puppies up and put them back where they should be LMAO!! Sad that I already have the same problem at 33, but I definitely know what it's like to go up and down 100lbs after giving birth, why did you let me eat so much?!?! LOL!! Love you bunches, super proud of you as always!!!

  5. see if you can find a bravo or bra store in ur area..they will fit you. I go to one in Royal Oak, and wait till they do their sales..and seriously they put them on sale cheaper than I could buy at macy's, but they're way better! I have large boobies too, and they never seem to go down :(
    sue moschino

  6. The right bra makes a huge difference in my confidence level. Do you guys have a Dillard's? That'w where I got fitted. They are expensive, but so worth it when you get one that holds "the girls" up where they are supposed to be and doesn't cut in and give you back fat. Spend the money!!! You will be really glad that you did. Unfortunately each bra maker has a little difference in their size, so having the gal actually put your boobs in, adjust the bra, and fit you is VERY worth the embarrassment!

  7. I agree with everyone. Go somewhere and get a bra fitting and get at least one good bra. It will make you feel so much better!

  8. I hear Nordstrom is a good place to get fit. I went to VS and I'm not sure how accurate they are. Anyhow maybe buy one bra at Nordstrom (just to get measured) and then you will know your exact size. I've learned the hard way not to buy cheap bras. There is nothing worse than wearing a bra digging in and not making the girls sit front and center ;) Anyhow, I swear by VS 'The Body' Demi'cup. I don't like spending money on the bras, but they are so comfortable that they are worth it. I only buy a few a year and When Mama's happy, everyone's happy ;)
    PS---Soooo excited that I found the SF Hershey's choco chips at a different Walmart today :) Yay!

  9. yup. Get a fitting. You'll be happy. Even if you have to spend 60 on one bra. You'll be happy. I promise. And when I was 134, I was finally a C cup too. Gotta get back there.

  10. Gurlfriend...you ain't alone on the bra issue!!! Go to TJMass and Ross...they have V.S. bras there...for a fraction of the cost. Plus it'll give you an good idea! So...now...can you please write out your coconut muffin recipe? I tried it a little while ago...and welp...total failure...seriously...Don't know what I did wrong!!! Thanks! ~melody in oregon~

  11. I use a big wide mug, put in 1 egg, a little S/F natures hollow maple syrup, 1 truvia, 1 t of either butter or coconut oil, a little s/f almond milk, 1/2 t of baking powder, 1 tb of coconut flour - then the flavor - for chocolate use: 1 tb cocoa powder, a little maple extract, / for vanilla : a little vanilla extract, 1 tb cinnamon, MIX REALLY REALLY WELL. and a handful of s/f Hersheys chocolate chips in either flavor and microwave for 1 min and check, then 30 sec at a time until the center is done.

  12. The only bra that I have found that holds the girls nicely while being supportive and smooth (no lines or cutting in on back or anywhere else) is the BRA-LLELUJAH! by Spanx. They are spendy but worth it, so comfy and long wearing and look great under every type of top. In southern california they are sold at Nordstroms but you have to ask for them by name as it seems most sales personel are not familiar with them even though they have been selling them for several years. You could even Google them and check it out. Good luck! Ginger

  13. There are lots of 'bra fitting' experts out there! All good advice. Next holiday, b-day etc...ask for a gift card to VS or wherever.
    It will make you feel better to have something that fits, and looks pretty!

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