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Friday, January 6, 2012

That's Me...

Hello Friends,

How is everyone doing today?? The one thing I have learned by doing the Belly Fat Cure is to control my emotional eating, no matter what I am going thru in my day I can control that now. I realize that food does not make you feel better. It is supposed to be to let us live.

Minichicks post (click here) yesterday was very long but it was about this book called French Women Don't get fat. I thought is was great and you should give it a read.

I got an email a couple weeks ago from Jorge's team with a video. I clicked on it and watched. It was about his Recipe club online. And to my surprise I was in that video. That's me pigging out. HAHA. see below.

On Yesterday's post, I was trying to help the new people. So you all know I have Middle-Heimers. LOL so when I forget something, it's your job to help. So thanks for the stuff I missed.

Rebecca; The way I lost all this weight was to never eat past 7 or 7:30 pm at the latest. Nothing at all. Except maybe some decaf tea and water of course. On those nights when I thought I was starving past that time - I would have a 0/0 snack like cheese and maybe a few nuts, but not every day. Only on those days when I thought I could not make it. So that's how I did it.

Ru; She deserves a Whoop-Whoop and a way to go!! She has lost 57lbs so far. Great job Girl!!

Yesterday I ate;
Breakfast; 2 eggs scrambled w/baby spinach and cheese, turkey bacon, avocado, and zucchini -cheese muffins.
Lunch; a chicken patty and a cauliflower crust w/eggs, garlic, cheese and Jalapenos cut up inside
I had 2 gingerbread cookies after. (on recipe tab)
snack; on my walk with my dogs I had 2 squares of 86% chocolate while I was walking.

That is the main one I forgot yesterday, the belly good snacking. I have always had a MAD sweet-tooth. Even now I have to have my sweets every day. I have found many ways to handle that , that are very low in sugar and OK to eat. 

One thing Jorge said to me when I was in San Diego for the video shoot was; It's OK to eat extra food as long as it's BFC approved foods.

Dinner; my favorite dinner... Buffalo wings and a spinach salad. 
After dinner; some tea and blackberries and RediWhip.

I really want you all to be successful in losing weight. If there is anything I or any of us can do to help, Just holler and we are here for you. 

We are a great little Bloggin community here. Support is the KEY!!

Thanks for listening and Lots of Love to you all.  WWRD??

This si PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day;

A Little Consideration

Consideration Positive QuoteA little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference. Winnie the Pooh
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosy! Is the recipe for the Zucchini-Cheese Muffins posted somewhere?

    (Down 21.25 lbs and counting!)

  2. Rosalie, YOU are my coach! Thank you for all the great advice, recipes and especially the support you always give....You're the best!!!

  3. Yes Molly, look under the recipe tab under coconut flour breads.

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Rosalie. :) I really appreciate it.

  5. Hey Rosalie!
    I think we all can find ourselves emotional eating from time to time and there is nothing worse than the remorse we feel after doing it. I am still a work in progress in so many areas of my weight loss and I think thats why I am not at goal yet...because I still have things to learn on my journey.
    Thanks for all of your support!

  6. I agree with Laura. Without realizing it, I've made you my coach/mentor. Reading & seeing the progress you've made is so encouraging.
    Good news for this week. I'm down 5lbs! I'm still trying to get down to 15g sugar per day &stick to the 5/2 meal idea. I've tracking my food on myfitnesspal because it will track sugar but I have a few questions:
    1. My calorie total for the day is low (1000-1100). Should I be concerned? I feel full. Cheesesticks are my new BFF. :)
    2. What if my carbs aren't at 6 & it's late & I really don't want to eat something else. Should I eat anyway to get to 6?
    3. What's with the coconut oil? I notice many of you like to put it in your coffee.

    Thanks for wanting to share your journey and help the rest of us along the way.

  7. Forgot to add: Dawn M cur/229- goal/150

  8. You look great on the video, especially when you do your spin!


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  • Make sure you drink lots of water.
  • Count everything that you put into your mouth. Even sauces - everything , check labels.
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  • Going #2 is a big problem when a lot of people start the BFC. I have solved that problem with Clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and a scoop of Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. (you can buy the super seed on Amazon.com it is the cheapest).
  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.