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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's ALL YOU!!!

Hello My Friends,

You all know I go on Facebook all the time. That's where I have made many new friends and met many of you. There are many BFC fan pages and I go the them all the time just to see if I can maybe help.

Today (Sunday) Jorge posted a link to this new sweetener called Ideal. He said it's new and Belly Good. So I went to the website and saw it has Xylitol and SUCRALOSE in it. That is not BFC approved and I don't even think he read the label. All he saw was the Xylitol probably.

I made a kind of mad comment and said: Can anyone here read??? The ingredients says it has SUCRALOSE in it and that is not BFC approved.....

I don't understand why some people just won't use their own minds.

They were all saying stuff like; Oh I love that stuff and have used it for years, O if Jorge recommends it then I will try it, and blah, blah, blah.

Jorge gave us the tools and told us what to do to lose weight. I really appreciate that and would not be where I am today without that original Belly Fat Cure Book.

Right from the start, after I read thru the book a few times, I always did my own thing from the tools he gave me. I never went off of any of his menus. I never even made any of the recipes in the book. I used it for ideas and used my own food and always just did my own thing.

That's what I want you all to do is to just think about what you are eating before you eat it.
Does that food fit in the 5/2 per meal rule.
If so - make sure that food is the right choice. (this is what I mean by that comment)
Just because some potatoes fit in the S/C rule does not mean we should eat it every day.
Just because some veggies fit, maybe there is a better choice of vegetable with less sugar in it we can choose.

We all know from his book and his informational videos on YouTube that Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners is bad for us. He explains that it keeps our bellies fat in 1 video and artificial sweeteners actually makes us crave sweet things more.

So all I am saying is: Don't Be A LEMMING!!

Read the labels of everything yourself and see if stuff has Sucralose or anything bad in it. This is not a difficult thing to figure out. Don't ask Jorge if you should take vitamins or drink coffee.

Did you do that before? Then why not now?? I asked my doctor once how much caffeine  I should  drink in a day and he said that 3-5 was OK for the whole day. I usually drink 2 and sometimes 3 cups of coffee in the morning then usually just water the rest of the day. Any more than that and I think it will make us jittery.

I'm sorry everybody. I am just so passionate about the Belly Fat Cure and helping others to lose weight, I just get pissed when some just believe anything that 1 person says without even looking for themselves.

Now I kind of understand why the whole time I was losing weight my husband used to get mad at me and say; "Stop giving Jorge so much credit, you are the one who is doing it. Its all you" He keeps telling me that other people are not like me. I say he's wrong........

So that's what I want to say to you:

You Are The One DOING IT..... It's ALL YOU!!! I have faith in all of you that you can lose the weight you want just like I did. I will be here for you every step.

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself; I CAN DO THIS!

OK so that's my rant for this evening. I am taking a cleansing breath and calming down. LOL namast-how does that go again. Ha-ha.

Thanks for listening. LOVE, Love, love to you all.  WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Set The Bar High

We will always tend to fulfill our own expectation of ourselves.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. You are SO right!! Wonder if Jorge will read the FB posts and comment? It will be interesting!

  2. Thanks, Rosalie. I would've checked the ingredients for myself but thought for sure that if Jorge promoted something then he surely checked the ingredients. You're right - always check labels. I check a label before I buy anything, and will continue to do so. Thank you for being so dedicated to the success of others!

  3. I understand what you are saying, but I have been using that sugar for quite some time. I just know for me, I needed another alternative for goodies. There is a lot of controversy over the xylitol that I have read, the sucralose is in tons of things. I am in no way saying they are good for us, but I ate way, way worse things before. I think I would love to hear what he says about it if he does respond on facebook. I still don't believe you should drink alcohol and he does:)

  4. You are a passionate woman for sure Rosalie, and we sure love that about you.
    What you're really speaking about is making informed decisions. Don't follow anyone or anything blindly.
    Take Care-

  5. This makes me think about a question I posted on FB but he never responded... he recommends Costco's Diet Green Tea as belly good, but it has aspartame rather than stevia or truvia, etc... I've been drinking it, but probably shouldn't drink as much of it as I have been. I need to switch back to more water, but it's hard when I love this darn green tea so much.


    1. Sandi, just look at the label and if it has aspartame you know that's bad. That is the worst of the artificial sweeteners. I've read where it makes some people very ill that they thought they were dying until they stopped drinking it - then they got better.

  6. Wow! I can't believe Jorge would be so irresponsible to suggest something opposite of what he's teaching. I hope he really just jumped the gun and recommended this product before researching it more deeply. I would hope that he would make a public correction, if that's the case.

    You are right, ultimately, we need to take our health into our own hands.

    1. It's not the first time Jorge has contradicted himself. Probably won't be the last either. Got to read those labels.


  7. Interesting about the sucralose. That's why I always read my labels, because you never know if you don't look for yourself.

  8. You are right, I also have read primal, mark's daily apple blog & it just makes sense to stay away from that stuff! Thank you for everything you do to help all of us! Mary B

  9. This is Mary B again forget to tell you I'm down to 180! It took a couple of months!

  10. You are so right Rosalie, and I usually do read ALL my labels and make my own choices. This time I got a little carried away because my son thinks Truvia has a bad after taste and I was looking for something better for him. Almost went for the Ideal without reading up on it! Thank you for catching it for us! Good grief the bad stuff is everywhere - you have to be so careful!

  11. Hey Rosalie, how much does Adsens pay you for ads?
    I am trying to figure out this whole blog thing as well!

    1. I have got nothing LOL
      NOt a Penny. SO I should probably take it off. haha

    2. Really? how weird! I saw that and i was like, well what a great incentive! awww booo thats lame, thanks anyway! I

  12. Wow crazy about that product Jorge is promoting. I didn't tell you the other day but I'm very sorry for the loss of your Dad last year. I loved the pictures you posted of him. Big hugs.

  13. http://livingwheatfreelowsugarlifestyle.blogspot.com/


  14. Catching up! Good pick up on that one Rosalie. Jorge is the spokesperson for this way of eating. He has to do his homework! Love and hugs!

  15. Well I knew that Ideal had in it the second he posted it! Duh! ARggggh. I just checked and he did figure it out himself and posted on the comments. Oh well, but is really frustrating. Im glad he does his own posts and tweets, instead of letting his staff do them. So I guess this is the price we pay?

  16. is your sister fit? I ask because my sister is perfectly skinny and doesnt eat the BFC way, i guess wtv works for people yu know..I find that calorie counting works better for me than just eating wtv on the bfc while keeping my susgar and carb low, it doesnt work for me..maybe because im petite, who knows?


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