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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I missed my lunch today, not a happy camper...

Hello Friends,

I guess I will start with what I ate yesterday;
Breakfast; 2 Oasis toast w/butter, pepper jack cheese, avocado, poached eggs on top w/some berries.

Lunch; 2 tamales (1 was tiny) w/salsa and some cheese and some Kimchi, which is Spicy cabbage.
Dinner; was great!! I sliced a zucchini and put some olive oil on both sides and broiled in the toaster oven on both sides until it got brown, then took out and put some pesto sauce, grated parmesan cheese, sauted mushrooms, 2 strips of turkey bacon I cooked in the microwave crispy them crumbled on top and then some feta cheese. Then back under the broiler for a few minutes.  
Well I was still hungry and had to small pumpkin-coconut flour muffins w/chocolate rediwhip. and tea.

Just FYI - while I was trying to lose weight I wouldn't have ate the 2 muffins.

Today was one of those days where I woke up at 5:30 am again. I just don't know what is wrong with me - why can't I at least sleep until 7?? Just once.

Well I started with a great breakfast as usual;
I sauted some onion then added the baby spinach, then poured  the eggs in the pan, waited till it got mostly cooked, then flipped and added some goat cheese in the middle and folded. Viola - an omelete!!  2 turkey bacon, avocado and a few berries I had left, and 1 zucchini-cheese, coconut flour muffin w/natures hollow on top.
So Hubby and I had to go to our tax guy at 11:30 to do our business taxes, We met over there cause he worked the night shift last night. We were there until after 2. I was - to say the least - VERY HUNGRY!! But you know me I always come prepared.

I always have a baggie of walnuts and almonds in my purse and a few squares of 86% dark chocolate. So I ate some nuts and 2 squares. The tax guy was only like 1/2 mile from Maria and Lisa's. (step-mom and sister). Hubby and I went up there to visit.

While I was there my daughter who lives in Michigan called and had the worst day you could imagine. I stepped aside to try to listen and give a bit of advice. That's the only thing I could do from way over here.

So all we left and decided to go to Islands Restaurant. If you have never been, they specialize in burgers and fries. I had a 1/2 salad w/chicken and blue cheese and of course I shared some of their fries. I was so starving I ate like 15 or more dipped in some ranch. I will usually keep it to under 10, but that's what happens when you skip a meal. Boy they were good - I haven't had any in quite a while.

Before we knew it it was 5pm and Hubby left to go to work again. Boy I know he is tired right now. Maria, Lisa and I stayed and talked about how awful our other sister's (Kattie) hubby is. I know we felt bad, but we were so glad they went home and we HATE him. sorry...

So they wanted to go to Costco and I went along and got a few things, eggs, black and blue berries, spinach, and mushrooms and a pack of baby bell cheese's. Before we knew it it was 7pm and I went home. So here I am alone cause hubby is at work. The furry girls were so happy to see me and are hiding upstairs right now sleeping. They are very dramatic and whenever they have to actually stay out side all day they always act like that.

I needed a snack so I had some rediwhip with some blueberries on top and 2 almond flour-ginger bread cookies. I feel better. I HATE skipping meals. I feel unbalanced.

This is a great time to try Reslina that I am always talking about. There is a coupon code posted above left for buy 1 get 1 bottle free...

I hope everyone did something productive today. Thanks a ton for listening to me. Big hugs to everyone that didn't get one today (---------)

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Optimism Is Faith

Optimism Positive QuoteOptimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi R, I am glad to see you blogging!!
    I too wish I can sleep in on weekends or holidays until 9am but for whatever reason I seem to be out of bed by 7am!!! Maybe, its all the good energy that has been restored since being on BFC/FT. I remembered how I was so tired 95% of the time and dreaded getting out of bed. I had no energy and I knew something was not right. I thought it was due to the loss of my wife, which had something to do with it but overall I knew my body was just getting stocked up with sugar (hidden sugar) and not enough foods from like the BFC/FT. Since 3/22/10 I can't seem to sleep in...not sure if a good thing or bad thing..lol lol...I do not regret it and I feel like a young spring chicken (as once before) looking forward to a new day.
    You make breakfast (and other meals look delicious)...BTW...I see you mentioned you microwave your bacon for crisp...I remembered you posted that once before. So, you just wrap teh bacon between two napkins and set it for how long and they come out crispy???
    I am glad you feel better now.

    1. E, I hope you see this, in my microwave I put 2 slices of turkey bacon between 2 paper towels for 2 minutes, then it comes out real crispy. Just the way I like it :-)

  2. Rosalie, you are a busy, busy girl:) You really put a lot of thought into your food. I'm sure that is why you are so successful!
    Lot's of colors!

  3. I love Kimchi! It's good for your digestion. We usually have a jar of it in the fridge. I went to a kimchi making class once, and that was the best kimchi I ever ate.

  4. It's never a fun day when taxes are involved in my opinion. I have to say you fit a lot in your day! Sorry your daughter had such a bad day and hope things get better for her. That zucchini meal sounded good.

  5. Hi!-I'm glad you're back to blogging. Yours is the 1st blog I've ever followed. I was surprised how much I missed reading your comments.
    2 Questions: 1. Is eating the BFC way expensive or is it just me? Am I freaked out because it's new to me or is some hidden entity trying to discourage me from eating truly healthfully? OR do I need to learn how to shop?
    2. When you first started BFC, did the change in carbs & sugar make you irritable and/or tired?
    I'm determined to keep at. I just want to know what I'm in for. However, it's also been a rough week @ work.

    1. Dawn - when you first start it might take up to 2 weeks for your body to adjust to the no sugar thing. Some people even get headaches. Its been so long for me I forget what happened to me.
      Yes you are not crazy - eating healthy is expensive, but I rarely go out to eat anymore so I save money on that. Trust me it's worth it :-)

  6. Thanks for your support & encouragement. It means alot.


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