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Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 Broke Girls....

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I made the Almond Crust pizza for lunch again. Some of us that have tried it and liked it, tend to eat too much. It is supposed to serve 2. So I had an idea. I split the crust into 4 small pizzas and made the crust as thin as I could and ate 2. I put Seeds of change-Romagna 3 cheese pasta sauce, cheese and turkey pepperoni on top and felt like I was eating a lot and it was SOOO good.
I really love the way the Almond Flour tastes as a crust. Now I have the other 2 for lunch today. :-)

By the way the last Almond flour chocolate chip cookies came out so good. Hubby took some with him last night to work and texted me and said they are off the chain and hook. LOL. He said I am like "2 broke girls" the show and I should sell them. HAHA

I painted my nails again. I bought this Crackle nail polish in my favorite color Purple and put silver polish underneath. It looks pretty cool, but sorry cause of my ET's its hard to keep my hands still when I take a picture.

Dinner last night:
I made a 1/2 piece of chicken and fish, and - Hear me out now.... I riced some cauliflower the other day and was in a bowl already in the fridge. So I took some riced cauliflower, tbsp fage yogurt ( I ran out of sour cream), butter, cheese, unsweetened almond breeze, and salt and 1/2 avocado mushed up all together in a bowl. (not the chicken and fish) LOL!
It was very good believe it or not. For desert I had 1 pumpkin muffin and 1 cookie with some tea.

About a week ago I read someone's comment about the Christmas flavor Celestial teas that she saw at Sprouts. I have never had those before so the next time I went I got some:
Gingerbread Spice (which I had the other night and it was good) and Candy Cane Lane. which I had last night, and it was SOOOO GOOD!! Awesome with 1 truvia in it.

This morning as we speak I am eating my breakfast as I type this. I know you are not supposed to do that. I saw it on the Doctors or Dr. Oz - one of those shows. He said it makes you eat more and makes you fat cause you don't pay attention to what you are eating.

Well anyway I am eatin: turkey bacon, coconut pancakes w/cream cheese and natures hollow, and some berries.

I prefer the coconut pancakes that way and the almond pancakes with The Joseph's syrup.

In response to ChrisImports comment about the BFC, The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise is the diet or nutritional plan that I have been on and how I have lost all this weight. If you look to the left there is a link to Amazon.com where you can purchase the book if you are interested. It is low sugar and low carb, but you get to eat the healthy carbs. Start with the book with the blue stripe and get back to me after you have done that.

I hope everyone is having a great day. The weather is supposed to be 79 today and then rainy and colder starting tomorrow and thru the weekend. So I am gong to make sure to get my daily walk in today with my dogs.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Learn to Forgive

Forgiveness Positive QuoteHe that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.

 Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hi Rosalie. You are quite the cook these days. Those look so good. I am being alittle strict with myself right now, so not going to make them until I know I won't eat the whole batch! Love the nails. I'm a pale pink girl myself. I don't think the bold colors look good on me, but they do on you! Also love the thought for the day. That was appropriate for me today as I am finding myself angry with my sister-in-law. I wrote an email saying how I feel, but now I'm not so sure I should send it. Maybe just letting go and forgiving is better! Hugs to you from me!

  2. I love your idea of breaking up the pizza dough. I keep wanting to make the almond pizza, but I eat the whole thing every time. It's out of habit. In fact, last night I was watching my dvr'd biggest loser and one of the doctors said that there is evidence that overweight people eat more because they aren't satisfied as easily as a thin person. the overweight person wants it 'more', but it takes more to satisfy then the thin person. i didn't do a very good job of explaining it, but the doc did! thanks for your post.

  3. I still haven't made the almond pizza dough, and you are making me nervous about making it at all. :)

  4. I made myself pizza today too, but I used the pitas again. Your nails look really nice. My son's girlfriend does her nails with all sorts of patterns and things and has a blog somewhere with them all all there. I should find it and post if for you I think you'd enjoy what she's done. My nails,however, are not a pretty story.

  5. I just went to Sprouts yesterday and stocked up on the Christmas teas. I bought the candy cane lane and the sleigh ride sugar cookie. They are so yummy with heavy whipping cream and a bit of stevia. Unfortunately, now my 14 yr old keeps drinking all of the cookie tea :) Im very impressed with your nails, especially when you get the ET's. They look super cute! As I type, it's getting darker at the beach so I hope you got yoiur walk in :)

  6. I love freshly painted nails...such an easy way to feel 'pretty'. I like that you're not afraid of color.
    Great idea about the pizza crust-I'm going to make it soon.
    I too like your quote for the day. I often say to myself I choose 'peace'. It sometimes helps me from saying/doing those things that might be hurtful. Some battles are worth fighting...some are not.

  7. I love the nails and purple is my favorite color too. I have been wanting to try the pizza and the cookies. It is hard for me to find the time. I just bought the sugar cookie tea at walmart, last year they did not carry them. Just to let you know that recipe I posted it really isnt that hard....I dont like to cook much and I can master it lol.

  8. I give you huge kudos for being able to do your nails with the tremors. I have a very difficult time doing anything with my hands when I am stressed and they are shaking.
    Your pizza looks yummy!

  9. What a great idea about splitting up the pizza dough. I still need to try to this recipe. I was skeptical about the holiday teas but now that everyone is loving them I need to try them, we drink a lot of tea in the evening. Have a wonderful day :)

  10. I love pizza & that looks very tasty! What is seeds of change? Is it a brand name? Im assuming low sugar? Just wondering, Ive never heard of it.
    I agree Rosalie, you are becoming quite the cook & baker! I love the show 2 broke girls! Maybe you and Dawn can start a BFC cupcake company!


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