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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There is a new BFC app...

Good Morning BFC ' rs,

Thanks for all the comments about my problem. I really don't have any control over anything that is happening. He is an adult and if he wants to give her any or all of his money and possessions, there is nothing I can do about that.

I told her how I feel and of course he called me yesterday morning. He is only supposed to be allowed to use the phone on the weekends, so I am not sure how he did yesterday. He said she told him I called. I knew she would go straight to him. I told him that she made it clear to me that she will never leave that other guy who is married w/the 4 kids. I told him she is using you and to stay away. He just asked me not to call her anymore. I told him I don't plan on it.

My hubby used to say that she was a money grubbing WHORE! I used to tell him that wasn't nice and to give her a chance cause he cares about her and she wasn't doing the stripping thing anymore. She had a regular job. But now I know he was right no matter what job she has.

I don't plan on visiting him any more while he is in there unless he calls me and asks me to. I know she is using him and in return he uses me. I will not be party to that any more or let hubby and I get used anymore. My foot is down and it's not budging.

Well on the other hand - Monday morning when I weighed in to my surprise the scale said 152.5lbs. I got off and back on like 4 times. Then I took my shower and after I was completely dried off I tried again and it said 155. I was like "you piece of metal crap". So I tried again Tuesday and it said 154lbs So that is what I am going with.

DeAnnah, one of my BFC friends said there is a new Iphone app called:

The Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter

I have a Motorola Droid X, so I probably cannot get it, but maybe some of you others can. I'm gonna check
anyway - you never know.

Yesterday I ate:

breakfast; 2 eggs, cheese, 2 oasis bread, w/butter and josephs sugar free preserves, 2 turkey bacon.

lunch; pizza made with a sara lee wheat pita, pesto sauce, cheese, artichoke, tofu, and turkey pepperoni. I know it sounds weird, but it was good, just messy with the pesto is a little greasy. and I has a few pork rinds.

dinner; buffalo wings and 6 brussel sprouts and a little bit of broccoli w/ a touch of butter. and some rediwhip after.

Well, thanks for listening. Lots of love to all, Please leave your comments and visit the other blogs on the list below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...............

My thought for the day:

Every Action Counts

every action countsAct as if what you do makes a difference. It does. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the iPhone app.
    It is really cool and I hope they make it for Droid soon.

  2. "You piece of metal crap". Love this Rosalie! It is EXACTLY how I feel about the scale in general and when I read your comment I laughed out loud. Too funny. And, IMO too true. That's why I weigh in once a month. I cannot handle the frustration of daily or weekly weigh ins. But once a month helps me stay accountable and on track and gives me just enough info to keep going.

    I have been in a similar place with a family member and addiction. When I read your story about your son and his "girlfriend" it was all too familiar and I really felt for you, and for him as well. And, I think you are right, ultimately you have to step back, and let him face the consequences of his own decisions. VERY HARD to do, he is your son, you love him and the bottom line is you don't want to see him suffer. Very tough. But all you can do is what you think is right, for you and for him. Wishing you the very best. always.

  3. Tough times Rosalie, I really hope your son makes the changes he needs to and stops being so freakin selfish. Good for you that you put your foot down, tough love works. I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  4. You aren't missing much with the app. It doesn't have a huge database of food other than the basics. There are 8 restaurants. Hopefully they plan to add a food search option, since knowing the carb sugar value of things that you don't have the package for is harder to find.
    I love your inspirational words at the end of each blog!


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