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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday of week 50: The Belly Fat Cure

Hi to all my BFC friends,

I wanted to start off by talking about the email I received about Jorge's Fast Track program. Now this is just my opinion, OK. So if you don't agree, that's OK. I don't really agree with the Fast Track. I don't think its very realistic for long term. Maybe just temporarily.

I starting watching the video that was in my email and I was a little put off. Those people that he's talking about that lost weight was with the original Belly Fat Cure, not the fast track. I'm not sure about the woman, Debra who lost 59lbs in 2 months. I don't think that is very healthy to loose that fast, but whatever.

He starts off saying that you can loose 14lbs a week and not hit a plateau. After that I kind of lost interest and only watched 3 minutes then turned it off. I know already what it's about. No whole grain carbs, like bread, rice, etc. But everything else is kind of similar. But you don't count the s/c values. You just eat as much veggies that he allows as you want. I'm pretty sure that is what it is.

I feel that you need to eat at least 1 or 2 whole grain carbs a day to feel satisfied and not want to cheat. I don't mind skipping the carbs once in a while but I can't do that for a whole week straight let alone a whole month.

But maybe you should watch for yourself. http://bfcfasttrack.com

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; french toast made w/Oasis low carb sprouted flaxseed bread, 2 pieces, w/josephs sugar free syrup, turkey bacon, 7 blackberries, coffee w/powdered cream, truvia, benefiber, cinnamon,
lunch; I was out running erreands w/a friend and we wound up at this 50's diner. We shared some fried zuchinni w/ranch and some chicken strips with some hot sauce to dip.
snack; super seed w/water
dinner; spinach salad w/feta cheese, bacon bits, avocado, creamy balsamic dressing, then I made some fake spaghetti w/ shiritaki noodles, mushrooms, a turkey patty cut up, seeds of change sauce, hot sauce and Parmesan cheese. after I had some redi whip in a bowl and 2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate.

So I just want to end by saying that, I know there are a lot of you that need more support. I think thats why so many have dropped off. I am not sure where I got all of my will power from?? Maybe I pulled it out of my fat but LOL!!

I didn't get that big by having self control. I got that big by being out of control with my eating. The one thing I have learned now is:
To not over eat.
Not emotional eat.
And to make better choices in what I eat.

I am here to give anyone support that needs it. Friend me on Facebook and we can chat.

Please don't forget to support all of my friends blogs on the list below. :-)

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends, Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Power of Love

Power of Love positive QuotesWhen the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. this was just the right time and the right program for you, and I think your blog helped also..on Jorge's emails..I think he's needing more money..it was such an exclusive club to belong too, and originally, I probably would of joined, but not now, I can do this :) Have a great day!
    Sue Moschino

  2. Hey Rosalie!
    I havent watched his video on the Fast track. I have no desire to give up my carbs for life. I enjoy every single one I have! There is a name for that program...ATKINS! I agree wholeheartedly....No thank you!
    Hope you are doing great!

  3. I watched the video, and checked out the price. I am a fan of the Belly Fat Cure, and since it's working I am sticking with this plan. If the Dr. said I was going to die tomorrow, if I didn't get my weight off, I would sign up. But I have another 6 months to lose 30lb. more, so I think I'm good. I've tried Atkins for a month once, and my pants did slip off, but when I started to eat carbs again, I was just so out of control, and gained it right back eating belly bad pizza and so on. I'm will buy his book, The Fast Track, when it comes out to get more recipes and to learn more.

  4. Rosalie, I too disagree with Fast Track. This diet is such a breath of fresh air - a little bit of WW (tracking), a bit of South Beach (carbs) a bit of Atkins (no counting protein). Why doesn't he just concentrate on making this plan better instead of promoting a spin on Atkins? Very disappointed. I had pre-ordered the book on Amazon and then canceled it. Great Job and Good Luck!

  5. I LUV your posting for the Thought of thd day... <3 :) Thank you for sharing and caring :) and you look fabulous and great Rosalie!!! :) <3 Happy New Year and Lots of luv and angels to you and your hubby!!! :) <3 :) Ammie Chu

  6. I totally get what you are saying about Jorge - what in the heck is he thinking? Did you see the price - then if you want to make payments it goes up another $100.00 - Come on its an internet program and from what I have read on FB the have been clinches in the program which always seem to happen when Jorge puts out something - remember bthe 4 week thing for the over 40 - LOTS of people could not print the recipes etc. I bought into it and what a waste -- the menus where just a repeat of the book, just mixed up. He goes on and on and then you get to the $ - forget it.
    You look FAB - all with having some carbs - keep it up. I read your posts everyday. PS - you look great in purple - your favorite color?

  7. Hi Rosalie. I've been reading your posts for some time and am so inspired by you. I asked you to post my current weight and goal weight a while ago and am so ashamed to say I'm almost 10 pounds higher! I made a new year's resolution to change the way I eat (again) and I've followed it for the last 6 days, but nothing's happening. Would you mind posting a grocery list (of easy to find items)? Seeing what you eat each day is great, but I think if I already had those items in my house it might be easier for me to follow what you're doing... or at least in a similar way. Thanks so much!!! You've really inspired me!!!

  8. Hi Rosalie...long time no comments!! First off....Happy Birthday and you look fabulous!!! I'm still plugging away and have stayed the same 164.9. I've been dealing with health issues, i'm having a hysterectomy on Monday and will be in the hospital for three days. The first thing i asked is will i have sugar free options! I don't want this to screw me all up!! This too for me is the first new year i didn't have to worry about coming up with a plan to lose weight, it's so freeing!! About Jorge, i too feel it's just another sceme to make money. I will not change a thing either, i'll take this slow loss any day, i need those carb options. The only way i'll buy the book is if there are new recipes, that's it! He's just confusing people, i sure would like to know who loses 14 pounds in one week!!?? It took me about three months to lose that amount. Any time you start restricting something from your diet it's a set up for failure, i couldn't eat just vegies and meat, ugggg!!


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How to convert Sugar to Stevia

SugarLiquid SteviaStevia Extract PowderConcentrated Stevia
Clear Liquid
1 tsp2-3 dropsn/a4-6 drops
2 tsp4-6 dropsn/a8-12 drops
1 Tbsp6-9 dropsn/a1/8 tsp
1 cup1 tsp1/3 to 1/2 tsp1 Tbsp
2 cup2 tsp2/3 - 1 tsp2 Tbsp

Stevia Chart

Stevia Chart

Some tips if you are having trouble

  • First make sure that you are staying under the 15/6. 15 sugars and 6 servings of carbs for the whole day. Thats no more than 5 sugars and 2 servings of carbs per meal.
  • Track all of your sugar/carbs. Add everything from your meal together and count them that way.
  • Try to stop eating whole grain carbs after 3pm.
  • Make sure you drink lots of water.
  • Count everything that you put into your mouth. Even sauces - everything , check labels.
  • Make sure that you don't eat any artificial sugars. Check labels, if it says sugar free - look in the ingredients, look for....sucralose, aspartame, saccharine in the ingredients. Those are BAD!
  • Going #2 is a big problem when a lot of people start the BFC. I have solved that problem with Clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and a scoop of Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. (you can buy the super seed on Amazon.com it is the cheapest).
  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.