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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday of week 44: The Belly Fat Cure

Hello All,

I am home now. I got home today around 2pm. What an adventure traveling with my 2 dogs. I got to vegas at my Dad's house on Saturday around 4pm. They have 2 dogs and when we got there, one of there dogs kept barking in my 2's faces. She was being real mean and I kept telling them that they need to find a way to get her to stop. My girls were being so nice and calm and just walked away when she kept doing that. They weren't scared - just kind of shook their head and said whatever. Well anyway after about 1 & 1/2 days she stopped doing that.

Then on Sunday my sister Lisa came over with her 2 little ones and then there was 6. So the house was full of 6 dogs me and Dad and Maria (my step-mom). Lisa left and I was still alone with Dad, Maria and 6 dogs. Monday - nothing really,

Then Tuesday, since I hadn't gone anywhere yet, Lisa and I left to go to get a pie for Maria. She said she didn't have time to make one since she spent the day before making tamales and cookies. So we left and the gate was left open cause I thought we would only be a second. So Maria calls me all frantic with her thick accent (she is from El Salvador) yelling that why was the gate open with 6 dogs here!! Her dog opened the front door and then Mandy (my dog) ran out and is running in the street and she won't come. (they live on a real busy street) She said the neighbor is helping and that she (Mandy) ran into the Rite-Aid across the street. She is afraid that she will get killed!

So I told Lisa we have to go! I made her drive like a bat out of Hell! I told Lisa I felt sick. I just kept picturing Mandy dead in the street, or limping, or she sees me and then runs and gets hit, or I get hit! I was shaking. So we get there and she is nowhere. Maria comes out and says - I can't find her. The neighbor comes back and nothing. So I said, Lisa lets go drive around and try to find her. Then I look across the street, ( there is a new Fresh and Easy market that was built and did not open) I see her in the parking lot running back and forth. I ran across and luckily - no traffic. I called her name, she looked up and her ears were down, she didn't know it was me. Then I called her again and her ears went up and she ran over, and of course - you guessed it, she starting going in the street. then I got her over to me and then her collar slipped off, got it back on - then Lisa ran over with a leash.  WHEW!!

So Lisa and I did not eat lunch yet, I was shaking, so we ate 2 pieces of lunch meat and a piece of cheese. Then I said oh what the heck and I picked up one of the cookies that they made. Pumkin - oatmeal - walnut -  w/splenda cookies. I bit into it and  said " I don't think I should be eating this". Maria said why? I said cause it tastes too good. Well I just had one.

Then I went with my sister, Kattie and Lisa for the fitting of Katties wedding dress. She is getting married on Dec, 18th. Oh - and did I tell you that my 2 sisters are the same age as my own kids. My dad got re-married and had kids at the same time as I did.  So when we got back it was already 4pm and helped with getting the table ready.

So we had our Thanksgiving. I had: turkey, gravy, broccoli, a little stuffing, 1 glass of merlot, and a bite of Lisa's pie and cake. Just 1 of each.

So then we went to the movies and saw the Harry Potter movie. It was great! No popcorn this time - full. So we got home, and Maria was telling me that Mandy was crying at the front door like a wolf. She was going Woooooooooo, Wooooooooooo, woo, woo, woo. She said it was kind of funny. Then she went and hugged and kissed her and let her go into her bedroom to go to sleep and she quited down.

So I am very glad to be home today. Mandy and Peaches traveled very well in the car. They just kept looking around the whole time with their ear up, very good, but would not go to sleep. I could just imagine what they were thinking.

OOh look at that! OOh what is that? Mom, are we there yet? Where are we going? They have been sound asleep since we got home.

Tomorrow I get to have another Thanksgiving dinner with Hubby's family.

I hope everyone has a great Day on Thankgiving!

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you. 
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Oh, I am so glad that your dog Mandy is ok. When they get loose and run into traffic, it is a real dilemma. Call them to you and they may get hit trying to return to you, or do nothing and hope they can get back to you without getting hit or causing an accident. I had this exact same experience with my dog Quinn recently. Fortunately he made it back to my arms, after almost getting hit by a truck, but he was just lucky, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Sounds like your trip to Vegas went well, and you had no problems with the meal either. All under control! Happy Thanksgiving Rosalie!! Loved your quote at the end of your blog today too, so true! Wishing you the very best. Helen

  2. Wow, what a story!!! we went to a birthday party this summer, came home and my youngest lab was in the back yard, I thought oh goodness, we left her out, then the next morning I see my front window and the screen is busted out, she opened the window and jumped out..thank god someone put her in our back yard when they found her..Oh goodness. Now the windows are locked and shut b4 we leave...hope you have a blessed thanksgiving..gonna try to make it thru..I'm down to 185.7..so change my name on the side ok?
    Love ya, Sue Moschino

  3. Wow sounds like you really had a time huh? It is scary when we think something could happen to our little babies. Glad she was safe. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and hope everything calms down for you a bit! dchesney65@blogspot.com

  4. Absolute craziness! :) I'm glad you got your doggies back safely and ended up having a good Thanksgiving with your family. Great job on the one cookie limit. :) I'm so proud of you!

  5. I'm glad you all made it back home safe and sound! What an adventure you had! First I couldn't even drive those long distances with my two dogs because they have to be looking out the drivers window. Poor training...I'm glad you found Mandy since she was in a strange neighborhood and all!


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