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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday starting week 42: The Belly Fat Cure

Hidy Ho people,

Well, I am down 1/2 lb from this past week. I am a little disappointed only because I was down 1 1/2 lbs the other day. But as you know, sometimes its an up and down thing, especially for us women. At least I didn't go up!

So this another week. I am very excited every time I look in the mirror and see how far I have come to this point. I don't know, I just really had it set in my mind that I would get to my goal weigh of 150 by the year's end.

Yesterday "Anonymous" (who ever you are) said that maybe we should not set these goal for ourselves, because if we don't hit them we feel like we have failed. She is right to a point, I think. I feel that I need a goal to reach out to. But it does get disappointing at times when my body doesn't do what I expect it to.

OK - just for a minute! Now I'm done....
I am still Excited! Hopeful! Grateful! and Thankful!
For finding the Belly Fat Cure!

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

Face the Sunshine

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I agree with you. I like to have my goal be at the high end of possible, but remind myself that any success is great. When I have a goal set higher for myself, I tend to work harder to reach it, so ultimately I still do better in the end even if I don't reach my ultimate goal. I guess in the end it depends on each person and how they mentally and emotionally process things. For me, I aim high and then happily accept whatever the outcome, knowing I tried hard and earned my results no matter what they are.

  2. Hey Rosalie! I am a firm believer that when God places a dream on your heart, he also equips you with the ability to make that dream come true! Your dream is 150 by the end of the year. Lets see..it is only Nov 8th. That is still giving you 7 1/2 weeks to get to your goal. I can tell you one thing...I KNOW that you will make it and I believe in you!!! Yes, as you get closer, it will be smaller losses...but they are losses! Perhaps it will take you into the new year to hit that goal. So be it! Truly, look at wehre you have come for sure! 70# in a yr is nothing to snees at!!!Its all good my friend!! Its allllll good!!! I am proud of you and thankful to have you as one of my BFC buddies!!!

  3. p.s sorry for the typos. I suppose I should spell check before I post, eh?

  4. Rosalie - 1/2# down is better than 1/2# up!!
    If you have time could let us know what you eat - I always like to try and get a new idea or see if I'm eating too much.
    I have totally hit a WALL - But I'm still enjoying this way of eating and if I end up maintaining this weight, I will still be happy.
    I agree with you post the other day about Jorge's silly posts about coffee etc. I wish he would follow thru on the more important stuff, like answering the questions people have.
    I guess we just have to take the principles he has for us and use them. I don't think there is a one plan fits all in the diet field.

  5. Rosalie, Great job on the weight loss. It does get a little harder the closer you get to that final weight, but you can do it! Slow and steady wins the race and you are doing it my friend. I made it to 199 and now I can say I am in the 100's (Onderlands) I was down another pound yesterday but weigh in is on Monday so I have to except todays weight in.

  6. Personally I'm not a goal setter, but then I also stopped trying somewhere in my forty's, and over the years blossomed into an obese person. I also was getting unhealthier by the minute as I entered my 50's. Now that I do have a goal to lose weight and to be fit, I once again believe in goal setting! Or it may be the fact that I am trying again, and feeling much better now, without the aches and pains, and being tired all the time! Still in a plateau phase, but not disappointed! Rosalie, got to S.D. and not sure on the time frame will go, only 6 days left here.

  7. Hi Rosalie, I say set the goal high, but attainable. Strive for excellence. I don't really have a weight loss to report. I was at 178. Then last week I had a gain of 3 pounds. Now I've lost those 3 pounds to bring me back to 178. It was also my TOM. I went to Trader Joe's today & purchased lots of awesome goodies. And I'm thinking this program may be healthy long term. I'm not giving up.

  8. I'm here to report a one pound loss, putting me at 143.


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