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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday of week 34: The Belly Fat Cure


I am still in Vegas visiting my dad in the hospital. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. You are right, I should just listed to myself. I am doing fine on my diet. I went to the market and got some Belly God stuff and packed a small portable cooler with stuff to eat while I was at the hospital all day.

My dad looks a little better and he said he is smiling because I was here.  But I just wanted to vent about something else if you don't mind.

This is about 1 of my sisters. I know she reads this, because she told me. So anyway here goes.

My dad got remarried and had 2 more girls when I was pregnant having my kids. So I have two sisters that are the same age as my own kids.

My youngest sis, Kattie has recently gotten engaged and moved in with this guy. I never met him and she just met him about 4-5 months ago. She has a bad self esteem problem I think cause she is bigger than I was. Maybe she just thinks nobody will want her.

My step mom and other sister, Lisa have been telling me nothing but real bad things about this guy. I decided to be impartial and have my own opinion. I finally met him last night. I was only in the house with him for 10 minutes. And that was 10 minutes too long.

He was rude, disrespectful, horrible! Lisa and step-mom both said they have tried to talk to her. I don't know what to do! I couldn't sleep, tossing and turning, thinking about my little sis in such a predicament.

I'm going to visit Lisa's new apartment in a few and then when I get to the hospital and when Kattie gets there, I will try to pull her aside and talk to her.
Well any was - wish me luck!

Yesterday I ate;
breakfast: eggs, wheat tortilla w/cheese, 2 strips of turkey bacon and 8 blackberries, 2 cups of coffee with all the regular stuff.
Lunch; celery w/spinach dip and 1 of those thin bun things w/ turkey.
snack; super seed and a hand full of walnuts.
dinner; chicken and veggies form panda express

Well thanks for listening. Lots of love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

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My thought for the day;

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Glad to hear your Dad is smiling. About your sister that really sucks. I hope she listens to you, it is so hard to watch the ones we love make bad decisions. I hope your sister realizes her mistake before she gets married. I'll keep you and your family in my thought. BTW great job staying on the BFC while away from home and the all the stress!!!

  2. I'm down 1.6!

    I agree with Brenda that it's very hard to sit back and watch but many times the other party just won't listen. You may feel better expressing yourself but after that it's her mistake to make.

    I have a close friend who has terrible taste in men, and it makes me sad because for many years I accepted crumbs like because I didn't think I was worth more. Somewhere down deep I must have believed it I was because I waited and married a wonderful man who loves me beyond anything.

    I'm so sorry for your stresses but glad your dad is smiling.

  3. Good job sticking to your diet and such tough times. I look up towards you for that, that means your very strong willed, because when it comes to stress all I wanna do it eat. I am glad your dad is happy :) Smiles always help and being around loved ones. As for the venting about your sister....sometimes I go through this same thing with my younger brother who sorta is in the same situation. Sometimes its really hard to help them see because love is blind as they say. Sometimes though it hurts us, we have to let them learn on their own. :) Good luck, hope everything works out with your sister.

  4. Eating healthy while traveling and under stress can be quite challenging and you have it totally under control! You are such a great mentor! I'm so glad to hear your Dad is smiling with you there...love is powerful medicine! My heart goes out to you concerning your lil' sis. It's heartbreaking to see our loved ones be in pain and make painful mistakes. It's great that you can talk to her about it in person, even if she doesn't see what you clearly see, she will hear your concern and know that you really love her and love is very empowering! Wishing you all the best in these trying times.

  5. Glad to hear your dad is smiling because you are there. I know how much stress that can be when a loved one is sick. Unfortunately we have no control over family(Sister in your case) members. We can give our advice but as hard as it might be they are the ones that have to make and live with those decisions whether good or bad. My older sister went thru a divorce and started dating this guy that use to beat the crap out of her. I would get her out of the mess and a few weeks later she was right back in it. It took her some time to realize how stupid she was for sticking with him, but in the long run she learned a hard lesson. We just have to love them and be there for them and hope they make the right choices.

  6. Oh Rosalie... I love it that you make your dad smile! My heart breaks for you and your little sister. I pray that she will hear your heart and not become defensive. I'm the baby...and I tend to have a hard time if I feel my older siblings are trying to tell me what I need to do. (i know thats My issue) but I think if you share your heart about how her life and her safety are precious to you...she may have an open heart to hear what you are saying. Will be praying...


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