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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday of week 33: The Belly Fat Cure

Hello, I hope everyone has a great weekend full of fun and Belly Good Food.

Well I will start out with what I ate yesterday;
breakfast; a pita pizza made with a Sara Lee Wheat pita and seeds of change sauce, cheese and pepperoni. 2 cups of coffee w/clear metamucil, truvia, half and half and cinnamon. And of course all my vitamins, Reslina, Barleans.
Lunch: smart and delicious wheat tortilla w gouda cheese and turkey and mustard.
dinner; some salad w/taco meat, a piece of chicken and a bit of cabbage. I went to the Home Town Buffet.

I feel so good today to be wearing one of the pairs of size 12's pants. I still can't believe that I can fit into them. I have to tell you a secret. It's hard to get used to being smaller. I am so used to being so big for so long. That's why every time I look into a big mirror - I stop and look at myself and I am amazed at how different I look.

Yesterday Hubby and I were having a conversation about food. He thinks that I or we should be able to eat a normal meal once in a while and then just go back to the BFC. I told him that was not an option right now.

I have read on a few blogs where they thought they could just stray for a holiday or something and then could not control the cravings after and went right back to their old ways and gained it all back again.

I was chatting with Amber yesterday and asked her if she is eating any fruit yet? She said no. I think we are worried about possibly not being able to stay in control of our eating. That's all we used to do is eat, eat, eat. Right?

I feel proud of myself that I am in control. Once in a great while I can eat 1 bite and then stop. I don't know how I wold react if I ate a whole plate of something bad. Like I said that is not an option and I'm just not gonna do that to myself. Will Power is very important! And what is our MOTO?


Don't forget to post you weight progress and food ate. If you would like to join our weight loss progress chart to the right, just leave your info here and I will add it so we can help each other and cheer each other on.

Also don't forget to visit and support all of my fellow BFC 'RS blogs in the list below.

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day;

“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.”

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Rosalie,

    I agree with you about having a cheat day every now and then, is not a good idea. Maybe so people can have control but not everyone. I know myself I would spiral out of control. I believe in sticking with this program with everything I have. Now I am off to have some eggs, toast and some yummy coffee w/cream.

  2. For better or worse, it really is about consistency (take it from one who hasn't been very consistent). My former co-worker's been very consistent and she's lost over 60 lbs this year (I haven't talked to her in a while so it's probably more). I know I have to get more strict but this week was about adding in weights and then I'll buckle down. But I haven't gained any and I did buy smaller jeans this week.

  3. Hi Rosalie! My current weight is 305- down 5 lbs.!!! Yea!!!

  4. Rosalie, Wow, size 12! Fantastic! I was just arm wrestling myself today about having something sweet but I knew that if I tasted it I would just want more! I keep hoping that my sweet tooth will GO AWAY! LOL!

  5. Congratulations Rosalie! Stay committed because all it takes is one time to go off program and it takes days,weeks, and sometimes months to get back on program. Keep strong! I live in a house with 3 men and sometimes they will eat what I am having but mostly I have to cook the "OTHER" stuff! Take care and your doing great. p.s.. what did you think about drinking the psyllum? I am not sure about it?

  6. Rosalie, I would like to join your support group. I started BFC at 210 lbs and I am now 198.5. I haven't ate yet so I will post later on that. Thanks so much!

  7. Good Morning Rosalie!!! Dang it...you did it again..encouraged me to stick to it one more day! Ok, Ok... I'm going to stick with this thing...I can doooo it! But I've been stuck at the same weight now for 3 weeks! I'm so frustrated right now I could bust! (or is it burst?) I'm not cheating, I'm eating right...but still dealing with the "ISSUE" and all I can think of is I'm just full of S***! I keep telling hubby...if I ever get this part "normal" I'll drop 10 lbs instantly! Ok..thanks for the opp to spew my frustrations! Today on my blog I'm gonna make a commitment to myself and to ya'll...and face some skeletons I have still hanging in my closet! =O Love ya girl!

  8. so excited for you, haha size 11/12 is my personal goal. I am 6' tall and when I was an 11/12 I was perfect!!! :) I just got into my size 16 jeans yesterday and am so happy to say goodbye to size 18! You truly are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work:)

  9. Rosalie my goal is 145lbs. Sorry for not putting that in my last post.

  10. Hi Rosalie, I'm down one pound this week to 236. My food journal is @ www.fitnesspal.com user ID totalimageguy

  11. This week still 208, but next week I hope to lose! :) I cheated a bit too much on the weekend. As you said in your blog, I thought I could control but when I went over my carb/sugar limit, I said to myself: "why not have whatever else I want today because I had already ruined it." That is the wrong way to think though, because the 2 lbs. I had lost as of Friday were back this morning when I weighed. :(

  12. I guess it really does depend on each individual person. I can be off plan and be okay as long as I'm in control of my off plan eating. My trouble comes into play when I "let loose" and eat off plan without remaining in control. Each person needs to do what works for them based on past experiences, etc.


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