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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Got me AGAIN...

Hi All,

Wow I have been feeling like crap lately. Not sick or anything, but between the no sleep, tummy aches and overall yuckiness that comes from Menopause (I guess), and its causing my tremors to get worse.

I am having some stress at work - comes along with being a loan processor. I try to take it just one task at a time. Today I let my feelings get in the way - AGAIN!

There is under 15 people that work there and I am the only one that does not speak Spanish. I have mentioned that bothered me real bad in the beginning. I have been there 10 months now and try to let it roll off my back.

But this afternoon I let them get to me again. I have to remember that they are just people I work with and they are not and don't want to be my friend. I am opinionated about health and weight loss and I really should just keep my feelings to myself about that subject. But I can't help it sometimes.

I have also said this before - I don't know ANYONE that eats like me or anyone who wants to eat like me. So they started talking in Spanish about some protein shake that the girl downstairs was drinking and I was trying to not listen. But the reason one of the girls was doing it was because she did NOT want me to understand. PERIOD!

So I finally said "what are you talking about?" She didn't want to tell me and said nothing. Then they told me and I said that is not healthy to just drink that, you need to eat real food too. And she said that's why she didn't want to tell me.

I said " So that's why you were talking in Spanish, cause you didn't want me to understand?" She said yeah and I told her that was RUDE!!

Next time I just need to butt OUT. They didn't want to talk to me. Even though I am an adult, it still hurts my feelings - and that is my problem - not theirs.

I come home every evening and walk between 2-3 miles with my furry children and I Always feel better after. My weight is still between 145-148 even after all this time.

OK that's enough. I am a broken record - I know. WHAA WHAA WHAA... I'm done now.

So the moral of this rant is................

No matter what life throws at you - ALWAYS eat healthy - no matter what.
Have a GREAT day - Make it a GREAT day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. put your quote as my screen saver, having a rough day myself.

  2. You are an anomaly for sure but that's what makes you SO special. :)

    Try and not let them get to you. I've had ET's for 10 yrs now. Stress makes your tremors worse. Deep breaths :)

    I only wish I could change my eating 100% the way that you have. If you could sell your secret to success you would be a multi-billionaire.

    I'm praying that the rest of your week goes smoothly. You give so much to so many. You deserve the same happiness.

    Blessings and Hugs Dear Friend,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  3. Love your quote at the end...I believe it's so true. Don't let them get to you. Easier said than done, I know. :) Hope you have a good evening

  4. I'm sorry! Would they let you have headphones that would cut out all of the chatter? You could listen to calming music and not have to worry about what is said?
    You really are unique in your ability to continue your healthy eating, trust me, I know :) Pat yourself on the back and enjoy spending your paychecks!

  5. Hi Rosalie . I was wondering which brand of rolled oats do you use for the pancake recipe? And also can I substitute that with steel cut oats? I also just wanted to let you know I speak Spanish am Cuban , if you need my help knowing what something means or how to say something I would love to help. Thanks for your support and your help, your Cuban friend , Angie.


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