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Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm DONE...

Hi Everybody,

Well I feel like I am done with this now. I am not sure that I want to blog anymore. There has been such a drop off in interest in the BFC in general. But you all know that is how I started, but now I consider myself...

So may things have happened to me since starting to get healthy. My son died - it will be 2 years on Sept 10th. His father died a year later. We were renting for a few years trying to get our lives turned around and it worked. A little over a year ago, we bought a home in a beautiful area and we love it here.

I have managed to stay the same weight and actually lost more now. I was always teedering between 149-153 lbs. Now I find myself at 145-146. BTW that's 93 lbs lost for me.

I tried so hard to get a job - any job for a couple years and then 9 months ago - only by knowing someone - got a job as a loan processor for only $12 an hour. I appreciate the little check I do get very much. But the stress of working my ASS off (this is a stressful job) and all the Spanish around me, makes me feel very alienated...

I try very hard to try to fit in and make sure to be extra nice and go around to everyone, every morning to say good morning. I try not to bump heads with the irritating ones. There are times when I have anxiety and thoughts about that place I just can't get out of my head.

But yesterday - I was being pushed to get disclosures out and schedule appraisals for a couple properties, and it was at the end of the day - and there was 4 of them in our office - telling jokes in Spanish!!

I finally said "Can't you guys not do that in Spanish so I can understand"?  They just kept on while I was stressing trying to finish getting the appraisal ordered before the long weekend.

I got so HURT and Angry when I left that I actually called my boss back and told him how upset I was and that I didn't really feel like coming back on Tuesday!

Of course I am - I have to now... With the new house and bills, we need my paycheck. And before you say ...Just go get another job - DON'T - PLEASE DON'T!! It took me 2 years to find this one and I am too old I guess now a days.

I actually think I feel so much more LONELY now than I did when I stayed home all the time.

Before when I didn't work, I could do the yard work, cleaning, run errands, make my goodies in the kitchen - whenever I wanted. I walked with the dogs in the middle of the day - if I wanted.

Now I am alienated all day because I am the only one who does NOT speak Spanish. Then I come home and walk ALONE every day with my dogs. I can never get anyone to walk with me! I can't get anyone to be friends with me! Am I too old to make a friend? I have no one to talk to besides Hubby - and he no help sometimes... He's a GUY!

I TRY - but must be doing something wrong. I must have my bitch face on or they just don't want to be around me cause I an TOO HEALTHY!! That's another thing... I don't know anyone who eats the way I do - NOBODY!! I feel like a freak!!

So like I said - I think I am done writing this blog!! I don't see enough participation here or on the Facebook page... I want to help others get healthy, but can't make anyone.

I will still post recipes as I find them.

As always - thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy ----signing OUT!!
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Dear Rosy,
    When I read your blog, I could feel your pain. I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult time. I just want you to know that you have been truly inspirational to me as one of your readers. I have started up the BFC many times, lose my willpower, fall off the wagon, and then I will see a posting of yours and it gets me going again. I am sad that you will not be posting your words of encouragement and wisdom anymore. Try to stay strong, true to yourself, and make no apologies to anyone for who you are and what you have accomplished! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you find your balance.
    Joy from Florida

  2. I can feel your pain and hurt too. I wish I was closer because I know we would be friends. I know you would always be truthful and honest with me. I was just saying the other day that I owe where I am today as far as weighing less and eating healthy to the original Belly Fat cure and your blog and Ambers. While I never had the weight loss success with it as you did, it got me counting sugars and watching carbs and it started the change in the way I eat. I don't eat artificial sweeteners, processed foods, fast food ( except and occasional bunless burger or Chipotle), junk food, sweets ( unless I make them healthy), wheat or grains. I have only lost 22 lbs, but I am so happy to be heading downward, albeit, every so slowly. I weighed in at 168.9 the other day. First time to see the 160's in so long. Giving up wheat has made all the difference for me, but I always tell people to start with the BFC if they don't know where to start. These days I am disappointed to see Jorge all over the place promoting things like Sugar free Redbull with Aspartame, when we listened to him and cut out all that stuff. I know I don't blog as much as I am busy too. But I still like to hear from you and Kay and I hope you like to hear from me too. I guess what I'm saying is, when you feel like you have something to write, put it down and I will do the same. Who knows who might be motivated to get healthier by what we write? I also know what you mean abot nobody eats the way I do. I had a family member say "we would invite you over for pizza, but we know you don't eat that stuff." Well guess what? I can always adapt as I know you do to. Keep in touch and don't take your blog down. I refer to it for recipes and motivation. I know lots of people do too!! XO!!

  3. I'm sorry that you feel the way you do, I try to always comment and make you feel valid, because you are. Life changes and moves on, but it doesn't mean I think of you less. I know you have helped a lot of people with healthier eating, but you can't do it for us, so we fail.
    I wish I had the words to help you, I do. I will just hope that you continue to post, and you will change your mind.

  4. Dear Rosy,

    I feel your pain. I am brand new to your blog after just discovering your video on YouTube. Excellent video and BFC tips. I feel very inspired and hope you will continue to blog about BFC as you have had so much success with the program.

    I would like to offer a tip for you at your work. I know it will take much effort but have you considered taking Spanish classes? This will help you to better understand your coworkers and possibly some clients as well. I think you'll have much more fun in your job too. You had the determination to lose so much weight, I'm sure you can learn Spanish as well.

    Thanks again for the excellent tips and inspiration.

    Tehseen in San Diego, CA

  5. Rosy,
    My Mother and I love your blog...we have followed it for years now. My Mom will tell me about you and what you are up too and I feel as though we know you. Maybe you don't have a lot of friends around you, but here you do...and honestly who needs them?! Just like losing weight, having a friend is a lot of work..haha! We really appreciate all your advice, recipes, and just your daily stories. We all know that it's a constant struggle to lose weight, with your blog it has made us realize there are so many others out there that know the same struggle...we support you Rosy!

  6. Rosalie....I'm sorry you feel this way. I wish there were something I could to help. But you have truly helped me!

  7. HI Rosalie,
    So sorry to hear your not going to blog anymore. You have always inspired me to keep on finding my way to too lose my weight. I do refer to your recipes often and your past blogs to help motivate me when I'm struggling.
    You will truly be missed Rosy! Keep the faith....


  8. Rosalie,
    You are helping more people than you know. I read several blogs & I always look forward to yours most because you are authentic. I hope you continue blogging not only for me, but for so many who read you posts. I don't always comment because life is busy & I have days where I'm frustrated as well with my diet, work, etc.... Please know that you are making a difference. Love & happiness, Lynn

  9. I'll join in with everyone else. I love reading your blog. I check in every single day. I don't do FaceBook so here's the only place I can comment. :)

    I wish we lived closer. I'm a huge walk fan and put in 5 miles a day, 7 days a week. We would be the best of buddies!

    Since we don't live close though, we all can be friends here. :)

    Please reconsider stopping. You help WAY more people than you will ever know.

    Big Hugs For You,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  10. Rosy,

    You matter to me. You've made such a difference in my life, and after years of being low-carb, I still come back to your blog for inspiration. If it's time to move on, that's because you've succeeded here and your life is changing, not because you have stopped being able to help people.

    Congrats on getting a job. It's a big deal. I think it will lead to bigger things for you. And like someone else said, maybe learning Spanish will be helpful. I seems to me that your colleagues will be impressed by the effort, and may become friends, but your employer certainly will - and your "work network" of people will see what you can achieve.

    You've helped me completely change my life and my health. I thank you again for it.

    ~ Alaiyo


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