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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Craving Possessed ME...

Hello People,

Not much going on over here. Still gorgeous weather. Hubby and I were up and the crack of Poop this morning. Finally around 5:30 I said "What the heck is wrong with you? Why do you keep moving so much?" He said I don't know - so we just turned on the news.

Since we were up so early, we let the dogs get up on the bed to cuddle. They are only allowed on the furniture for about an hour in the morning while I am getting dressed usually.
 Breakfast is my biggest meal usually. Toast with my homemade nut butters, eggs, turkey bacon and berries.
We went to look at another house this morning. It was in Fontana, a tiny bit further. We have been getting so confused.
Do we buy a new house that is perfect layout and cheaper but farther away and with a Mello-Rouse-tax?
Or do we buy a used older house that needs a ton of work?
As long as the price is cheap enough we can do the second and fix it up. This one we looked at this morning needed new paint in and out, flooring in all the rooms, both bathrooms re-done and the kitchen gutted and re-done. So EVERYTHING! But it was a short sale for only $250,000. Around here in southern Cali that is like buying the driveway and getting the house for free. LOL

It had great potential so we put in an offer. I never said but we did that last week to another short-sale too but were told that the owners took a better offer - so we shall see. We have lots of time so that's on our side but want to try to catch the interest rates while they are at a all time low right now.

I came back home and had a serious craving that possessed me and I couldn't shake for those Chocolate-Almond-Protein-Bites, so here I am making them.That's the chocolate coating to go over the base. See the pan bottom left in the picture? Hubby just had to take my picture for you. He's always camera happy.
 We filled out the papers to send over the offer and decided to go to see 007 later before he went to work tonight.
So this was my lunch, 2 cheese's 2 slices of turkey meat and a few turkey pepperoni. Oh yeah - and 2 lonely protein bites that were left in the corner of the pan when I cut them to put away. That always seems to happen - Huh? Boy did I miss them - SO GOOD! I don't think I have eaten any for a month and was getting withdrawals.
The movie was awesome. LOVE Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem and Judy Dench they were such good actors. I ate popcorn and now I am home by my lonesome. Too dark to take the girls out. I feel bad about that so maybe in the morning when Hubby comes home to sleep.

I'm thinking I'll just have a salad for din-din.

Pattie pointed out that Jorge has ANOTHER diet coming out in 2 weeks where you count the Carb-calories and not the sugars and carbs. All I can say is W.T.F.?? He is just gonna confuse the heck out of everyone bouncing around like that. Whatever.

SO now I bid you all a good night and wish us all a good night's sleep. For me that's like reaching for the moon. Well ya never know.

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This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. lol. i love that craving thing! I havent had those because i could help myself! they were just too good so i no longer make them :/

    I sat that too about jorge! I find it interesting! I think it will work because its counting carbs like the bfc, just a little dif..I just know that the fast track and wheat belly paleo lifestlyes arent for me so I am getting smarter :)

  2. i haven't made those protein bites in a long time - they are too hard for me to have in the house right now. good luck on the house!

  3. I'm with Dawn, I think those were doing me in because I was eating WAY too many of them. They are delicious though, and I may make them for the Christmas holdays.

  4. I eat one everyday with my afternoon tea. I'm going to try holding off for a week and see if it makes a difference :)

  5. Rosy - First I just have to say, "awww....girls snuggle with mama!". They are just so adorable. I wish I could pet them in person.

    Also, what in the world are these protein bites you keep talking about? Is there a recipe somewhere? Does it help with chocolate cravings?

    Also, so happy you posted another pic of yourself. It's nice to have that motivation. And of course, you look just as hot as you do in the other "after" pics and you remind me to keep movin' on!

  6. P.S. Is this where I post to add myself to the weight loss goal list on the left?

    1. Here is the link for the Chocolate-Almond-Protein-Bites, http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/p/chocolate-almond-protien-bars.html
      Yes they are fabulous. And yes post you weight here in the comments and I will add you. :-)

  7. Cool, thanks. So here's my info:

    Lori: cur/185 - goal/135


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