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Friday, April 20, 2012

I still don't like it...

Hello My Friends,

You know I am so used to being by myself at least half the time, the past 7 days have been kind of hard on me. Every month my hubs has 7 days off in a row. See that's why so many people want to be a fireman. He has been driving me crazy and causing a ton of stress on me because of everything that is going on right now - I am the first person to take it out on I guess.

I really do hate having this dog here. Yeah I know she is cute and all. But he tells me that he has no choice. And then yells at me and says I have no choice, so I'm not allowed to complain. Wait - it this the slave days again where because I don't work I have to do what ever he says cause he does??

The first 2 days were find with Olive. She really didn't do anything wrong. Mandy and Peaches were traumatized to say the least. We have our routine and that just threw it all to hell. Olive is a bit aggressive towards then sometimes and she just might get her head bit right off in 1 clean bite. LOL. I'm trying to work on that and the fact that she begs, doesn't listen all the time, and keeps jumping on the bed and furniture. Which we do not allow mine to do.

Then this morning I was taking a shower. Hubby took them outside to pee, and then they came back up and greeted me on the toilet. All 3 of them. Then I notice that Peaches and Mandy had a funny look and wouldn't leave. I go back into the bedroom and that little shit took a shit. I was Pissed and told him I don't want her here. I am angry that I am forced into this and I am not gonna like it - At ALL!! My wonderful daughter in Michigan tells me to put her in a box and send the dog to her. OH - Boy would I love to do that!!

I still haven't been shopping so I've been improvising with my meals, with the stuff re: the getting ready to move at the end of next month and all. Yesterday we went to visit Hubby's mom cause she went to the hospital  - couldn't breath to good she has COPD. Then I went to visit Maria cause I was in Pasadena and got home late around 5 ish. I haven't walked since we brought home that dog - what is that 4-5 days? And that makes me feel fat.

Here's what I've been eating:
breakfast yesterday; almond-flaxseed pancakes and turkey bacon

lunch: we stopped at a place near the hospital and got some food to eat there. They would not wrap a burger for me in lettuce so I asked for a turkey sandwich w/o the bread in a container. So they put lettuce tomato and turkey in it for me and I had a few of hubbys fries.

While I was at Maria's I ate a papusa w/cheese, its like a thick corn tortilla.

my dinner last night; I made a veggie-for-ta-ta w/sausage crumbles and cheese on top w/1/2 avocado. split it w/hubby. Its just a omelet flipped instead of folding. and RediWhip in a cup for desert.

Well - I'm tired of complaining for today. I  have been doing laundry all day and trying to stay out of his way until he goes to work tonight. Then I will try to walk all 3 of the girls later when it cools off a bit. It's 93 here today.

Have a great all - and big hugs to you. I could use it today.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Joy Follows

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

Boy I hope this is true- cause I will give it a try.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That's rotten! I really don't think it's right that your husband put you in that position. The person who is going to be the main care taker should be the one to make that decision. Is there any way that you could ask someone else to watch her?

  2. I'm sorry. You have the right to feel the way that you do. You are a smart woman! We don't even let our kids pets in our house, so I am a bad Mom that way. Hopefully now that hubby is back to work, you can get back into a routine. I will here:)

  3. Hang in there. It's a speed bump on the road of life.

    When my husband switched from being a retail manager to working a M-F job, it took me forever to adjust to that new schedule. I felt like he was cutting into my personal, alone time! Maybe you should go back to walking with Peaches and Mandy to keep your regular routine.

  4. Isn't marriage fun?~! Haha! My husband is still in the doghouse, too, so maybe they should get together :) Why is it that they get to make all of the decisions?!?! I say you make him take care of his daughters dog since it was his idea and not yours!!! I really hope you made him clean up the shit....LOL! My husbands out of town and doesn't share money with me (I have to work for my own money and he doesn't give me $ or buy my groceries, meds, supplements, clothes, etc) I yelled at him and told him that if we were going to be roommates, I was going to move into a much better place/house and not his hoarders hell hole. Also, roommates are allowed to date others......Hmmmmmm.....He got the picture, I think! He's one of those guys that you need to yell loud and spell things out more than once (and not in a nice way) to get the picture! Geeeeeeessssshhhh! Anyhow, that's my bitch of the day so you don't feel alone! Just trying to share how wonderful marriage is!!! LOL!
    Now get to the store :)


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