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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday of week 45: The Belly Fat Cure

Hello everyone,
I love that we all support each other and that we can talk about anything we are feeling and never get judged. I really love that we feel like old friends and yet ave never met.

I know its not easy sometimes for all of us, but we just have to remember that we have each other and we can get thru it all.

@ minichick: Mimi's Cafe is really great, however - they have these great homemade muffins that they serve. URGH.... I can't have those anymore! But the food is all really good and kind of home made. You should try it.

Yesterday I ate:
breakfast; 2 strips of turkey bacon, a pizza made with a sara lee wheat pita, seeds of change pasta sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni, coffee, blah, blah, blah.
lunch; a spinach salad with 1 small can of chicken, mayo, cheese, bacon bits, croutons, avocado. Then I had a little bit of popcorn that was left over from the day before.
dinner: broccoli and 8 pieces of buffalo wings, and 2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate.

I really thought that this morning my weight would be back down to 165, but alas - it was back up to 167.  That just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try - up, down, up, down. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be back down to 165. Well here's to hoping.

Yesterday I went to my walk and then I dropped off he dogs at home and went around again like I usually do to make a total of 3+ miles. When I got back one of them threw up on the floor. Boy, that really stains the carpet. So I had to clean it. Then I got woken up at 5:45 am from the dogs again and one of them did it again in the upstairs room. You would think they could wake me up first. URGH! So I had to clean that off the carpet.

I told hubby that what ever he gave them a bite of yesterday made one of them sick and that he will probably get sick too. But he was fine.

Well anyways, I hope everyone has a great day! Try not to eat bad today!

Thanks for listening. Love to all of my BFC friends. Please leave your comments.

My thought for the day:

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Sometimes different foods can make pups sick if there not use to it. Chicken and rice always helps there bellies get back to feeling normal. Even Eukanuba makes a chicken and rice formula food for upset puppies. :)

    Great job on the walking everyday, I need to convince myself to do the same around our culdesac a couple nights a week, but its always so dark when I get home from work.

  2. Thanks for the info on Mimi's. What do you normally order when you go there?

    The up, down, up, down on the scale is normal. I don't know anyone that doesn't go up and down throughout the week.

  3. Hi Gang,
    The scale has been going bonko's for the past few weeks now. I was 167 a few days ago, now it's back to 170 tonight. I haven't been walking the dogs because I'm going on my eighth day and just at the tail end of this rotten flu bug! Can't wait to be 165 one of these days, hope, hope, hope! Maybe you just drank a lot of water Rosalie from your big walk and tomorrow A.M. you will be down again. Water puts on the pounds:))) I think! Hope your doggies get well.

  4. Poor little babies it is hard when that get sick and the clean up is even worse. Hope they are feeling better. The weight thing is so strange you never know why it goes up and down even though you try so hard. But it will come off you have proved that.


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